[outfit post] Out of The Woods

Jacket: H&M Divided
Top: Shilin Night Market
Jeans: Jag

Photography by Kristin Cornejo (@teawithkristin)
Shot at Camp John Hay, Baguio

Eyes Turned Skyward

Getting to live the dream is a double-edged sword. Half of you is overjoyed, because something you’ve only imagined is finally a reality. The other half is sad, because you know that once the moment’s over…it’s over, and you’ll be left longing again.

Yesterday, the album I’ve been working on with Reverb Music Productions, our school’s music organization, finally dropped. It’s been a month’s worth of work and anticipation, but it’s finally real. Or, well, it’s been real for a long time. For me, it was real when I first set foot in that studio.

I guess that now, since the album’s all set and our work is more or less done (just selling it all left now, really), I can begin to learn how it is to live with my eyes turned skyward, waiting on the next moment to live the dream again.  It isn’t a bad state of mind though–it’s living with a sense of possibility, because what has happened once may very well happen again, and even if it doesn’t…

…at least, for one moment, my dreams were real.

Thank you so much to Reverb Music Productions, to my awesome awesome bandmates Jian Manjares, Dan Buenafe, and Jedd Manjares, and, of course, to God for letting this all happen. Bar none, this is one of the highlights of my year. Even Facebook says so. :))

Thank you for making a little girl’s big dreams a reality.

(Christmas Is, a holiday album for Yolanda relief, is available for 200php from Reverb Music Productions. Comment below for inquiries or else, look for Reverb Music Productions on Facebook.)