[mini update] I See The Light


Don’t really celebrate Halloween, to be honest, but since it’s the only time of year where it’s acceptable for grown ups to play dress-up (and I was too poor to go to APCC)…I’m milking it for all it’s worth.

Because Globe and Disney Asia think I’m too old to be a Disney Princess, I decided to unleash my repressed voice actor/character actor/Hong Kong Disneyland talent fantasies on the office Halloween party.


Couldn’t afford green contacts with grade (I’m legally blind) so I used my horrible awful photo editing skills to turn my eyes green.


And yes, if asked, I can sing the character song.  Sort of.

…I’m still looking for a Flynn Rider to duet with, though.

Dress: Skitzo (The Collective, Makati)
Blonde Wig: Skitzo (The Collective, Makati)
Brunette Wig: SM Accessories
Crown: SM Accessories Kids
Flower Crown: SM Accessories Kids