Pointless Pep Talk; Shameless Selfie

Pointless Pep Talk; Shameless Selfie

Here’s something they don’t tell you, the girls who are standing against the wall, waiting for the party to end. The ones who don’t get asked to dance, because all those who ask will ever get is a dance. The modest mice, who are called “nice” as if it were a consolation, not a compliment:

“It’s okay to be the girl they don’t want, because one day you will be the girl they can’t have.”

(Sorry for the bitterness. Just…sometimes boys can be a burn on a girl’s self-esteem.)

May Day Eve Quotes: Ana

“Today, I start forgetting.”
~ Ana to Voltaire, May Day Eve.
“You saw what you wanted to see.”
~ Ana to Voltaire, May Day Eve.