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[outfit post] Siren (80s, Baby)

Top: CTFC Studio (mother’s closet)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Via Venetto
Earrings: Shoppee
Color (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick): Ellana Mineral Cosmetics
Highlight: NARS Orgasm Liquid Illuminator

I started raiding my mother’s closet for clothes at the age of eleven (right before puberty set in) and basically never stopped. Over the years, I’ve squirreled away several of her pieces for my own wardrobe–we live together; she can always take them back anyway if she remembers I have them–but it’s only this year that I’ve been brave enough to dip into the more obviously dated pieces, like this tie-front cropped button-down from some place called CTFC Studio (anyone ever heard of it?) that I ripped the shoulder pads out of (even if those do come back, my shoulders are broad enough without them, thanks).

When I was younger, I gravitated to Mum’s old Benetton stuff: innocuous, preppy items that aged a lot better than my early 2000s uniform of too-tight statement tee and flared jeans. I used to laugh at pieces like this shirt I’m wearing now, wrinkling my nose at the bold patterns and outsized lettering, calling it hopelessly out-of-style. “You’ll see,” Mama would say, then, “These’ll come back again.”

I guess she was right.

Photos by Maidz Caliwara
Shot with Huawei P20 Lite + KujiCam App (Filter: VI10)