Jemimah Hope Photography

I Will Never Be a Model (or, why there is no “Friday Currently” this week).

Band life: ten percent gigging, forty percent studio, and fifty percent not knowing what to do in photoshoots.

– Jian Manjares

Today was Stories Told‘s first ever full-production photoshoot, in light of the single release and other things that I’m not completely comfortable discussing yet (until things have crystallized, anyway).  Having experienced “photoshoots” as part of my life as an MScM student (usually in conjunction with Marketing pitches), I thought it was going to be a ton of fun.  And it was.

But nothing prepared me for how exhausting it would be.


My expression, 75% of the shoot.

We started shooting at 9:30am, because Jian had to pick up Dan beforehand, and ended up wrapping past-3pm.  With two locations, three costume changes, the erratic weather, and a dizzying amount of poses (I’ve never been good at posing, TBH–my face is too unpredictable.), that meant six hours of madness.  I can only imagine how tired our (amazing!) photographer, Jemimah Hope, was by the end of it.


BTS collage (c) Jemimah Hope and Judith Manjares.  Note my really strange expression in the middle photo (NOT MY INTENTION!)–I’ve never been good at holding a smile. Yes, that is a shovel in one of the shots.  And yes, I climb onto Aned’s back a lot.


Me with my “closet.”  Shirt by Elysian Manila.


Aned and Jedd having a “therapy session.”  Location: Ateneo High School


Jian does not know how to pose.  Location: Casa Manjares


Jedd plays dead while repping UA&P Merch Comm swag.

Even though I got home with sore legs (like I’d run a marathon), messy hair, and a suitcase full of sweaty clothes, being able to shoot with the band was more fun than I’d expected.  There was less pressure to be “attractive” (thank you, Photoshop!) and more opportunity to just act like the crazy people we are.  So while I don’t think I’ll be pursuing a career in modelling any time soon (like I’d pass, really–at 5’3.5” I’m a little too…little.), six hours with the band on a Saturday…wasn’t so bad.

…And now for the sneak peeks!  All photos (c) Jemimah Hope.  You can check out her work (Book her! She’s amazing!) here.


This pose was entirely Jedd’s idea and I was terrified the whole time.

The highschool band that went the distance” shooting in a highschool that technically doesn’t accept girls yet.


I have no idea what is going on here, but it looks funny.

Stay tuned for “leaks” of the official photos (probably coming from me, because I’m vain like that and I really really really like my solo shots), as well as the official release on the Stories Told Facebook page!  Also, you can check out our single on Spotify: just hit the web-player in my blog sidebar.

That’s all for now!  I’ll see you when my body stops aching.  #SoOutOfShape