[mini update, part 2] Tangled: My First Cosplay Experience

It was my first time doing cosplay today!  Thought I’d share some photos from the experience.


My friend Helen agreed to play Mother Gothel.  Here she is wearing my Melisandre gown from Amelia et Nicole.  It suits her a lot more than it suits me!


“Look at that world, so close, and I’m halfway to it!”

Thanks to my long-suffering friend and photographer, Nike Amistoso, for this photo!  Nike was dressed as Link, and she was part of the org comm that came up with all the embarrassing games we had to play.  I won one of them. 😉


“And with every passing hour, I’m so glad I left my tower!”

Morie (the girl on the far left, “Lilo”) made a spreadsheet so everyone could, technically, go as a Disney character.  We had a vision of “Hong Kong Disneyland,” but sadly, this was all we could come up with as reality.  Still pretty good though!  (Jovel made an epic Sadness.)


Probably my most Rapunzel shot of the day.  Really do need those contact lenses though!