found poetry

[snippet] Poem I stole from Twitter.

Note: The first two lines, in bold, are from Richard Siken bot (@sikenpoems), a robot Twitter account that, I assume, tweets out scrambled lines from Richard Siken’s poems. 

The rest of the lines are mine.

Don’t you see,

it’s like I’ve swallowed your house keys:


like I am the latch,
the lock,
the thing that opens the door that takes you
some place you have always looked for,
never realizing you left it long ago.

(the bookshelves are dusty, the bed
is still waiting for you to return.)

My actual favorite lines from Richard Siken are:
My dragonfly,
my black-eyed fire, the knives in the kitchen are singing
for blood, but we are the crossroads, my little outlaw,
and this is the map of my heart,


[Poetry] Celeste

For F., from F.


Tonight, I set my world on fire.

I peel off layer after layer
of the girl left behind
until, underneath,
it is new skin, new growth.

When you were with me,
I could not be elsewhere.
Now, I bleed to barren bones
the map of all I remember.

I refused to be crippled,
beat to death with my crutches,
the temptation to run back,
instead of walk away.

If you gave me a chance,
I know I would take it.
so I cut off my chances,
and out my pale-blue heart.

Set map, skin, heart on a pyre,
with my loss and desire,
and out of the ashes,
I start over again.

Tonight, I set my world on fire.



Quick note: Like my poem “Sophia,” the title has a non-traditional pronunciation.  In this case, it’s “che-les-te,” after the Italian.  Lines of the poem were “found” on Twitter, then altered to “fit” the poem.