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#ProjectRedhead Update: French Girl Glam


A bunch of people asked how I found time this morning to achieve the “perfect blow-dry style” so I decided to drop this #ProjectRedhead Tip. Elle Magazine, in a recent web article, calls this the “secret to perfect Parisian hair,” but really it’s sort-of common sense.

And ridiculously lazy.

And, well, erm, kind-of “gross.” On paper, anyway.

For those who follow my #ProjectRedhead blogs, you know that I impose a strict every-other-day shampoo routine on my hair, unless I’m color-conditioning on an odd day (which still doesn’t count since, well, no shampoo). The routine is already grotty enough for some–admittedly, it was for me when I started–but it makes a ton of sense: you’ve already fried and dyed your hair, why damage it more by stripping nutrients from it daily?

However, today’s (partially-accidental) coiffure (since, well, “French girl glam”) pushes the envelope a bit more. To achieve these loose, irregular curls, I, well…

I did not wash my hair for three days straight.

YES OKAY KIND OF GROSS ON PAPER BUT HEAR ME OUT. Ordinarily I definitely WOULD wash my hair every other day because by then it’s usually an oil slick of nasty proportions (especially my fringe), but recently (read: yesterday) I found that if I properly shampoo and condition my hair when I do wash it–that is, I don’t use too much product, get everything out thoroughly, and don’t condition my roots by accident–and I don’t use too much heat protectant oil when I heat-style my hair (usually one day after washing), my head does not turn into a greasy mess.

How did this discovery occur? Well, I washed my hair on Sunday morning, since it was due for a shampoo already. I curled it Monday morning, then went to bed with it in a bun Monday night. I fully intended to wash my hair on Tuesday morning–while usually bun-ning my hair is a curl generation technique, I’d done it this time simply out of manang habit–but when I undid the bun that day it turned out a perfect messy cascade, half-heat curl and half loose-wave (a rare occurence; usually I end up looking like Hagrid), without the usual oil-buildup sensation.

I’m guessing it was my (non-aerosol) hairspray that helped it along–alcohol-based anything keeps oil from building up because it’s so drying–but for good measure I used dry shampoo to keep my scalp from becoming an oil slick during the say, brushing my hair out after I’d applied it. That process added volume, while distributing the dry shampoo evenly, making sure my hair didn’t get that pungent, “human” odor.

Voila! The “perfect” blowout. I can literally say “I woke up like this.” Hashtag-Flawless. Also, the “French styling” technique tends to offset the damage of burning and coloring hair, since you give natural oils time to build up just enough to naturally condition your mop .

There you go, folks. Faux-redhead, faux-Parisian, faux-beauty guru life. More lazy than luxurious, really, but before you call me super gross, I do still take a bath every day.

So there.