[outfit post] Riffing on midriffs.

Full disclosure: there’s activewear under that blazer. I’m all for athleisure and trying new things, but I’m also for wearing what fits your vibe and me and the really-exposed midriff?  I gave it the old college try…but we couldn’t vibe. 😪

This is the only shot that survived. So begins and ends my adventure with “edgier” streetstyle. Anyone got tips for a girl who wants to rock a sports bra top but doesn’t want to flash quite so much belly? 😂

Top: SM Woman Active
Joggers: Uniqlo
Blazer: SM Classics
Heels: Nordstrom



[outfit post] Who’s That Girl?

I had a pitch today, so technically this wasn’t a “casual Friday.”  The brand, though, was fun and a little girly, so I took that as an excuse to dress up a little.  

I got this Susto The Label dress because the print reminded me, somehow, of Corona (Rapunzel’s kingdom in Tangled), even if it is a darker purple.  With its wide, collared neck and striking color combination, it feels very “vintage,” somehow. Like something you’d find at the bottom of your Mom’s baul from the 70s, the decades giving the psychedelic colors a faded patina. (Attack of the random, pretentious polysyllable!)

It was only after I’d put on my makeup and had my hair done that I realized I looked…oddly familiar.  Like a hipster sitcom character, but which one and from what show I didn’t know.  I guess there’s always someone who dresses like this in shows these days: a high-strung, type-A, manic-pixie twirling in thrift-store skirts the color of a Wes Anderson movie.  Taylor Swift used to dress like this, I think, before her relationship with Calvin Harris started heading for the rocks.  If I had bangs, I might also have passed for the second or third coming of Zooey Deschanel.  

Or Rachel Berry.  

Or Kara Danvers when she’s not being Supergirl. 

Archetypes repeat, I guess.  Much like styles do.  Still, I can’t quite shake the feeling that this look is a face with a name…I’m just not sure what that name is.

Think you can hazard a guess?  Drop me a hint in the comments.

This outfit is proudly 80% local. Both dress and cardigan come from Filipino brands.

Dress: Susto The Label
Cardigan: Piña
Belt: Uniqlo
Shoes: Rubi


[mini update, part 2] Tangled: My First Cosplay Experience

It was my first time doing cosplay today!  Thought I’d share some photos from the experience.


My friend Helen agreed to play Mother Gothel.  Here she is wearing my Melisandre gown from Amelia et Nicole.  It suits her a lot more than it suits me!


“Look at that world, so close, and I’m halfway to it!”

Thanks to my long-suffering friend and photographer, Nike Amistoso, for this photo!  Nike was dressed as Link, and she was part of the org comm that came up with all the embarrassing games we had to play.  I won one of them. 😉


“And with every passing hour, I’m so glad I left my tower!”

Morie (the girl on the far left, “Lilo”) made a spreadsheet so everyone could, technically, go as a Disney character.  We had a vision of “Hong Kong Disneyland,” but sadly, this was all we could come up with as reality.  Still pretty good though!  (Jovel made an epic Sadness.)


Probably my most Rapunzel shot of the day.  Really do need those contact lenses though!