[outfit post] Out of The Woods

Jacket: H&M Divided
Top: Shilin Night Market
Jeans: Jag

Photography by Kristin Cornejo (@teawithkristin)
Shot at Camp John Hay, Baguio


[outfit post] Blue Moons (and other meaningless New Year magics)

If you’re reading this, congratulations. We made it through 2016.

I don’t usually buy into pop-culture hype (okay, that’s a lie; I do), but the whole “2016 was a rough year” business is a bandwagon I can get on. True, a lot of cool stuff–EP, first paying spoken word gig, tons of travel–happened, but it was also a year life taught me a lot. And I’m sure you know what life’s preferred teaching method is.

(It’s pain, guys. Pain.)

Taken at the Stories Told EP launch. Poor kid has no idea what she’s in for.

So yes, 2016 is over, and I am (definitely) older and (hopefully) wiser for it. Maybe the biggest lesson I learned from the year-that-was was not to pin all my hopes on a change in calendar. There is no magic in January starts, in midnight beginnings.

There is only the next 365 days, and what I decide to do with them. Come at me, Life. I’m ready for another year of you.

Dress: Cole Vintage
Denim Jacket : Uniqlo Men’s
Slippers: Havaianas, Maringà


[outfit post] Take me to the space station!

Full disclosure: I stayed up last night futzing around with my guitar, so I was super groggy when I woke up this morning. Pulled on half of my default “work uniform” before realizing…I did not feel my uniform today.

My morning face.

Not having enough brainpower to decide on my next steps, I promptly did what any responsible millennial would do in this instance: I called my mum.

Five minutes later, this is what she’d pulled together.

My mum is awesome.

Mum says she rocked schoolgirl chic until her mid-thirties, so I technically shouldn’t feel weird about being twenty-three and dressed like a slightly more modest anime character.

Considering I’m keeping company with Rachel Green and Carrie Bradshaw, I’ll take her word for it.


Funfact: All my schoolgirl-esque skirts and kilts are inherited from my mother, who has (or had, until I appropriated all of them) quite a dizzying collection considering that both she and I went to ultra-conservative Christian schools where the skirts came down mid-calf.

This one is apparently one of her tennis skirts, and up until relatively recently was too tight for me to wear comfortably. Could it be…I’ve lost weight?




Also, yes, the title is a Mystic Messenger reference.  I actually picked up this book for songwriting inspo (I like stars and star-related metaphors. It’s a bit of a problem.), but it also felt like a cute shoutout to the 707 fandom.

…even if being in that fandom is kind of awkward considering I’m friends with a guy who acts just like him.

(Explains why I stopped playing.)

Undershirt (collar) and Sweater: Uniqlo
Skirt: Mum’s closet
Tennis shoes: Advan (SM)

Photos by Nike Amistoso.