[outfit post] That Callalily Song (Or What I’d Wear on a Night Out)

You know, the one that goes, “ten-tenen-ten-ten-ten-tenenenenen…”?


It’s Friday. I don’t know how to pose.

I don’t really go anywhere on Friday nights.  Social anxiety (or something) means that clubbing isn’t really my thing, and while I would like to hit up some of the speakeasies that have popped up in hidden places around the Metro…I don’t exactly drink, so other than taking in the general ambiance I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Still, it’s Friday. Might as well dress up?


The dress I’m wearing is the result of late-night, stress-induced DIYing (blame my insomnia).  I was actively looking for sweaters to wear with my new Gigi Amore bralette when I found it balled up in one of my storage boxes.  Before I attacked it with my sewing kit, the dress had sported a floating collar that was attached to its sweetheart neckline by a narrow strip of buttons and…nothing else.  I’d worn it once, decided it looked cheap (and the awkward collar thing somehow made me look fat), and shoved it into my  “to be sold at a theoretical garage sale” pile.

After giving it a second look, though, I decided that the dress was salvageable. Cute even. Except the collar really had to go.


After getting some advice from my mum (who still supervises my DIYs, just in case I ruin something), off the collar went.  BAM.  As expected, I had a perfectly good button-down swing dress I could wear for “casual Friday” (or whatever passes for casual Friday at an agency where every day is casual).  Since it’s a bit more delicate and girlish than my usual #aesthetic, I gave the look some “weight” by pairing it with a bomber jacket and boots, which, along with the bralette, make the overall effect more Friday night-friendly.

After all, I may be an introvert, but apparently, if you’re brave enough to make a change, sometimes things–and people–can surprise you?

(A bargain-bin dress as a metaphor for life. Really, Frankie?  Really?)


Dress: unknown (the tag was on the collar; I think it might be a factory overrun)
Bralette: Gigi Amore
Jacket: Uniqlo (men’s section; the women’s jackets are always cropped too short)
Boots: Forever 21


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