[outfit post] Fall in the Labyrinth

We don’t get fall in the Philippines. As a tropical country, our seasons have two major settings: hot, and hotter. Even Baguio isn’t that cold anymore, or so I hear tell. (Thanks, Global Warming.)

Still, even in this country, the arrival of the -ber months means…something. Maybe it’s just our collective imaginations willing autumn and, later, winter into existence, but with the Christmas carols (yes, Christmas has officially begun here) comes a slight chill in the air, which is all the excuse we need to bust out the coats, caps, scarves, and shrugs we frankly don’t need but, well, how can you resist those colors?

I’ve been rereading a lot of Labyrinth fanfic, lately. Maybe it’s because I miss the Goblin King–it’s so strange to think that Bowie’s gone–but escaping to The Underground has never felt more tempting. While stuck in -ber month traffic, feeling near-constant whiplash from braking, it’s hard to not say your right words: “I wish the King of the Goblins…”

But alas, unlike EDSA, the Goblin Kingdom, sadly, doesn’t exist. Which leaves me with the next best thing: Jareth-esque open-neck shirts and shrugs that remind me of a owl’s swooping wings. My TARDIS necklace almost makes a good enough analog for His Majesty’s pendant. Almost. If they sell Goblin King necklace replicas at Toycon I might snap one up.

For now, though, I’ll wear my shrug and pretend it’s made of feathers, just like I’ll pretend the weather’s cold enough to oblige me. Who knows? Perhaps with all this pretending, I may wish myself certain powers.

Shrug: Uniqlo
Shirt: Bargain find from Platinum Mall, Bangkok.
Jeans: Zara (ripped myself, thanks to tripping on a sidewalk in Maringa, Brazil)
Boots: Bargain find from Platinum Mall, Bangkok.
Belt: Mum’s.



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