Status Message – 10/2/2015

Haven’t updated The Friday Currently (or the blog, to be honest) in a while. Lots of stuff’s been going on, and I’m not sure when I can check in next with a satisfactory post, but I am alive, that my 2015 Reading Challenge is going well, some things have changed, others haven’t, and…yes, I will be back soon.

I think.

(Also, have recently discovered that I am exactly over S yet.  I don’t think you can be over someone when you dream about them one night and the next day they show up at your doorstep–okay, not my doorstep, but close–just like you dreamed they would. Am I psychic? Am I psycho? Both? Bah.)

Until I come back, though, here’s a quick playlist I’ve put together of what I’m listening to at the mo’. If the embed doesn’t work, check it out here.  Hope you guys enjoy it!  I’ve got to go research Intramuros as I’m playing tour guide for Ciarán (remember him? Yeah, he’s here.) tomorrow.

See you…later?


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