Top 10 Things About Me [Based on Style Reader’s Questions]


I’ve learned watercolor calligraphy!  Lookit!

Apparently I don’t update my blog enough.  Or, at least, such is the reason of one Arra Abella (a.k.a. Style Reader) for challenging me to, well, talk about myself.

(Like it’s not enough that I do that every Friday.)

However, because Arra is my Best Bully and because, to be honest, her questions are kind of interesting, I’m taking on her ‘tag.’ Challenge accepted, Style Reader!  Here are 10 Things About Me (That You Might Not Already Know):

Two things that scare me (but not terribly to the point of crippling phobia)
Sore throats that don’t get better and falling in like (with the wrong person).  I guess you could say I face my fears nearly every day?

Three things I love

My guitar, Elinor Mae.  Teddy, my uke (that’s ukulele; get your minds out of the gutter, you rascals!) is a close second, though.


Tea (Because we already talked about Teddy.  Also, how gorgeous is the packaging design on these?),


…and falling for the wrong person.

How I feel right now:
Slightly lethargic, with a scratchy throat (ugh ugh ugh!) and a craving for all sorts of junk.  Hello hump-day!

A confession:

11924232_10153153833666167_1188522758905341246_nI like the new Taylor Swift single, though possibly because it sounds like something Lana Del Rey would write.

(And because it gives me all the feels, okay?!  *sobs uncontrollably*)

Something I fantasize about:
Toss-up between performing at a major music festival and acting in a webseries à la Emma Approved.  (If Nothing Much To Do hadn’t beaten me to it, would have loved to play Beatrice in a webseries adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.)

Something I’m talented at:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-15951-1364062940-3Falling over.

(Also, those are fainting goats.  That’s a legit animal.  Why they haven’t been finished off by natural selection, I don’t know.)

My celebrity crushes.

Tom Hiddleston

hiddles2 Tom Hiddleston hiddlessss

Just look at him.  He is glorious.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

josephgl2 joseph-gordon-levitt-late-night-jimmy-fallon-lip-sync-video-gif-imgoingtodrinkmymugoftea

tom hansen knowing face

He’s got a strange sort of look, admittedly, but the razor-sharp intelligence and talent behind that face sells him. Hard.

Arthur Darvill

darvill3 darvill2 darvill1

He sings. He nerds out. He was Rory-freaking-Williams AND Guy from Once. And now he’s going to be part of the DC TV Universe.  HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?!

David Tennant

tennant2 davidtennant1


The perfect Ten always, in all ways.  A talented character and dramatic actor, with perfect comedic timing and DID I MENTION THAT FACE?  *swoon*

As you can see, barring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I have a Brit-fetish.  Or, well, Brit/Scot.

An embarrassing moment
I think because I embarrass myself so often I’m no longer easily embarrassed…so nothing really comes to mind.  As long as I achieve the desired outcome, I’m good.

Three things that annoy me easily
Being asked about my “love-life” by people who have no business asking, hipsters with superiority complexes, and smart-shaming.

The reason I started a blog
I was twelve and I saw a magazine article about blogging.  I wanted to be a famous writer.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Since the rest of my blogging besties were also tagged in this challenge, I’m tagging the remaining vanguard: Disinterested Interpreter, A Brit Boy Abroad, Fully Housewifedand (Tumblr)-blogger Dodgerino.

Oh, and all of you, readers! Comment below with links to your posts. I’d like to get to know the little universe that reads my rambles. :))



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