Bookworm Update: 2015 Reading Challenge Progress and My Goodreads Is Alive!

I’ve tried fashion blogging, event blogging (in my past life as a When In Manila writer), and even travel blogging, but one thing I have never managed to do is run a decent book blog.  Save for the days when Multiply had a built-in “Reviews” function for its webpage, I’ve been hard-pressed to publicize my bibliophile status on the interwebs, though those who know me know I’m rarely without a book (or two, or three) in hand.

(Heck, I even read at parties: a fact that bothers a ton of my friends to no end.  FOMO?  What’s that?)

However, despite being what a lot of people would consider a “reader” (or, in the words of a guy I nearly dated, a “book nerd, ew.”  No prizes for guessing why we didn’t date.), the speed and frequency at which I finish books has…well…diminished over the years.  Between my job, band life, Hideaway, The Elinor Project, NOT TOGETHER (once again on hiatus), calligraphy, and keeping this blog up-to-date (which I’ve still managed to fail at), I’ve been hard-pressed to find time to sleep, much less read, resulting in a marked deterioration in my written and spoken communication skills (not to mention my brain becoming a bundle of gray mush, most days).  The less books I’ve managed to get off the TBR pile, the more boring I’ve become, which is why this year I decided to do something I’ve only ever done once before–give myself a reading goal.

Backed by my fellow bookworms here at Virus HQ–HRH Rashmi, Christine, Kat (my fellow calligra-fiend), Jovel of The Misadventures of Pooh, Arra of Style Reader, and Helen of Wanderlen–I’ve taken on the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge, which is a little like book bingo: you read books that fit under certain categories.  The list itself is rather extensive, and given that we girls have set the house rule of one book per category, completing the whole thing is probably impossible…

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.30.29 PM

…but I’m still going to try.

This is my current list (which I’ve also digitized on a Google Sheet (because I’m geeky like that).  Out of fifty-one books, I’ve managed to finish twenty-four, which is nearly halfway…and likely as far as I will be going, considering that I’ve picked Anna Karenina (Category: “A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t”, because my ModLit prof chose Crime and Punishment instead.) as my current read.  What is it with Tolstoy and abnormally long books?

(Also, Anna, far from being Tolstoy’s ‘sympathetic adulteress,’ annoys me.  GIRL, GET SOME CHILL.)

Thanks to the 2015 reading challenge, I’ve also resurrected my long-dead Goodreads account, mostly thanks to coercion from Arra.  It’s here that I’ve been making my attempts at book blogging/book reviewing, leaving one-paragraph commentaries that, admittedly, sound more like summaries of the book reviews I’ve read.

Oh well, I’m trying.

Anyway, that’s it for my bookworm update.  I’ll try to crank out an issue of The Friday Currently today, but as I’m headed to Pampanga tomorrow will have to fit that in with packing, etcetera.  Add to that my usual Friday laziness and, well, you might see me again next week.

Fingers crossed, though!



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