The Friday, Currently 012: Every Ending is a New Beginning

I’ve used this title once before, at the close of my own internship career with Virus, Inc.  Back then, I was beginning my transition to full-fledged employee, having campaigned wildly to be placed in the Strategy team as the junior of a woman I referred to as HRH Rashmi Daswani.

Today was Rashmi’s last day in Virus, and the beginning of a new chapter for all of us who have come to know and love her deeply throughout her stay.  I won’t pretend to say I loved her the most, but I will say this: Rashmi was the big sister I never really had, and the work-parent I didn’t know I needed.  She pushed me to open up when I would have internalized my struggle through what was arguably one of the most difficult times in my life so far.  She’s been there through my worst, and called me out so I could become, if not yet my best, than at least someone on the journey to getting there.

So much of the advice I’ve dispensed in this blog over the past two years has, to some extent, been me echoing advice I’ve picked up from my Virus “senior,” and the team she’s taught me to trust.  From here on out, though, I will have to learn to pick up my own pieces, no longer relying on a second opinion.  Rashmi’s last lesson, it seems, is that I must needs learn to trust myself.

(I realize that this must sound like my friend’s dead or something.  She’s not.  She’s alive and is planning to travel the world and write things and work on music and other cool stuff.)

So I am learning.  Or going to learn.  Or some odd third-space in between where I am grasping at straws even as I learn to let go.  Today, something “ended,” and now from that ending we all–Rashmi and I and the team she’s built from the ground up–must begin anew, charting our own adventures.

So tonight, as I digest this end of an era, I would like to say that I am C U R R E N T L Y . . . grateful.  And I will always be.  Thank you for being a part of my life, Rashmi.  And thank you for promising to be a part of all of our lives even after your story with Virus has ended.  It’s been quite an adventure…now go make a new one.

And, as for me…I shall begin.


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