Dracula is to Paranormal Romance what the Bible is to Hearsay


The Disinterested Interpreter

by Esther Elizabeth Suson

Tell me, how do you kill a vampire? Stake through the heart. You have to cut off its head too. How about keeping it away? Garlic, Holy Water, a cross. The Sacred Host works quite as well. What does Dracula’s house look like? It’s a spooky old castle. Where? Transylvania. What else? Uhmmm… It’s on top of a cliff.

What are we quibbling about?


Who knows more, who can show the other up in a who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-type contest – that only shows off how many unconnected, random details that our brains can index.

One such contest is composed of Bible-verse-spouting – who can deliver more in a single conversation. Especially if those verses did not come from reading the Bible in its entirety. The verses come from pretty text-posts on Facebook and Tumblr, or by word-of-mouth – in other words, from hearsay alone.

I did not…

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