The Friday Currently will be on break this week.


This is not the end of “The Friday Currently.”  Swear.  I’ll be back next week with my usual litany of book reviews, music recommendations, and random rambles about life and love.  It’s just…I’m beat.  Got home at nearly midnight yesterday from College Collision 8 (where, sadly, we didn’t win, though we did have a ton of fun and hey!  We got to meet Ang Bandang Shirley!  Don’t that beat all?) which basically was the last straw in an already hectic week filled with single releases (We dropped our debut on Spotify this week.  Check it out here!), songwriting, and social media management.

Basically, I’m down for the count.  Going to take an extended nap then maybe get some chill work done.  So, until next week, I remain, yours sincerely…



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