College Collision Update: Well that was anticlimactic…

Me with my “Suicide Squad” crew of ST Renegades: Marshall Dan, Jedd, and Aned. Ji’s too “cool” for a picture.

So yesterday was supposed to be the final round for College Collision 8: Conquer, and by all accounts it was shaping up to be a big day for us.  Except…

Well, let’s start at the beginning, when I ripped my jeans.

Since I got home late the night before, I did not exercise the best judgment when it came to picking jeans, choosing a pair of Zara skinnies that I’d ripped in Brazil and had stitched up.  Unfortunately, the stitches didn’t hold, but hey, ripped jeans are all part of the “aesthetic,” right?  No big deal.

When we got to JB Music Studio to rehearse, the day seemed to be going pretty smoothly.  We were early (always a good thing), so I got to play around in the store.  I got to try out my dream guitar–a Martin Travel Guitar made of Sitka spruce–but as it cost P. 34,300 (and Martins NEVER go on sale), probably will never be able to buy it.  Jian, being practical, suggested I try at Maestro brand instead, and I took home Martin 10-gauges for Ellie, as well as some string cleaner.

I also found this sparkly guitar which didn’t sound horribly bad (despite being painted and decopauged within an inch of its life), but which Jian wanted to murder me for even picking up.  The look on his face when I started singing Taylor Swift standards on it was priceless.

It looked a little bit like this.

After doing a few runs in the studio, we decamped for the wilds of UP.  I rode with Aned and Marshall Dan, and we nearly got lost, but then Waze kicked in and we got to the venue with plenty of time to spare.  We played our soundcheck, and I might have gotten a little too into it, resulting in…

A chipped tooth.   Hit my mouth with the wireless mic while trying to switch it out for a wired one, and maybe my insomnia or ginger ale addiction or lack of calcium did me in, but one of my front teeth took a hit and chipped very slightly.  I happen to think it looks cool, but Mum won’t let me keep it, so am probably going to have it filled back in by this coming Saturday (yay).

Chipped tooth notwithstanding, we still managed to have fun backstage.  I managed not to flub our first backstage interview, and we may have covered a 1D song to annoy Jedd, who was wearing his famous “I Hate One Direction Fans” shirt.

The shirt in question, which I wore to work two weeks ago.

As night set in, and the solo acts took the stage, the weather started taking a turn for the cool, which was nice.  If there were a few thunderclaps and lightning bolts in the distance, we took it as the “heat lightning” of summer.

My manic , pre-gig stress face.

Decent picture of The Vampire Twins.

Me trying to do my makeup, with two goobers behind me.

Interrupting Aned and Jedd’s game of “hot potato.”

So far, so good…until it started to RAIN.

Obviously could not get a picture of this moment as they had to turn all the outdoor lights off and we were scrambling to keep our gear dry.  At first, it seemed the show would go on…but as the rain worsened it became clear that Lamb St. would be the only band that took the stage that night.  The rest of us–Mindless Pop, Pandas and Airplanes, Oh Flamingo, and of course Stories Told–would have our show postponed to a later date.

Escaped water world by hitching a ride with Dan and his friend Lorenzo, while Jian and Jedd went off to get food and get dry.  Got dropped off at Eastwood (after another hilarious round of getting lost, involving a stopover for McDo drive-through), picked up by Mum (who had a change of clothes in the car, yay), and carted home.

…so yeah. No Battle of The Bands yesterday. But hey, that means more time to practice, right?


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