[outfit post] Your Girl Tuesday (or Agent Carter)

As Virus, Inc.‘s resident Baby Strat, I’m not regularly called out to pitches and presentations anymore, which means that more often than not I’m at work in an oversized sweater, skinnies/leggings, and flats.  But sometimes, I’m re-commissioned for active service, which requires a little more sartorial effort.


VSCO Cam is a revelation.

…the bulk of which, to be honest, is spent on my hair. :))

Considering that on a daily basis I overthink everything else, my closet is full of no-brainer basics (in “boring” colors) which, true to form, I manage to still agonize over in the morning.  There are days, though, when playing the lottery with my wardrobe pays off, and the items I pull out in a mad dash somehow come together into what I would think is a perfect office-to-evening ensemble.


Jacket: Zara
Top: Muji
Jeans: Uniqlo
Heels: Circus by Sam Edelman
Belt: Nordstrom

Lipstick: NARS Dragon Girl


It’s an argument for classics over trends–“couldn’t be bothered” pinnings and underpinnings (yep, I actually gave those some thought too, thanks to this article) that, paired with the right attitude (and maybe a slightly-impractical camel-hued coat), are still guaranteed to stand out in a sea of Forever 21 jewelled hues.  (Not that I don’t love F21.)


Moral of the (ten-second) story?  Sometimes, basics are boring.  But sometimes, these “undercover” hues can be the best provocation.

Until next time!



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