[Poem] When God Sees You

When God looks at you, He does not see failure.
He does not see comes up short.
He does not see far too damaged,
can’t cope,
slippery slope to disaster.
He is not a taskmaster,
demanding perfection at every turn, and you do not
have to earn his affection; it was already in effect
before you ever sought him.  His is the Love that bought out sin;
that pried you from the sharp grip of death and self-destruction.
And when you feel too worthless to function, remember this.
That God does not care whether you’re more likely to miss
than to hit the mark.  He cares that you hide in the dark
on your own, alone, believing that nobody loves you
because of all that you are going through. Because you can’t get over
yourself, your life, your hurdles. Your battles
are His.  And He has already won them for you—you need only ask
and He will reveal that victory.  When God holds you in His arms, he does not see
the times you let down those He put on earth to love you.
He does not see the disappointed mother,
the absent father,
the ex-best-friend,
the people you worshipped
instead of worshipping Him.
When you choose God, He stops seeing your sin.
Instead He sees reflected back an instrument of His Glory,
a testimony written in bone and flesh and brokenness that will become a walking miracle.
You are a walking miracle,
ashes turned beautiful,
blood debt paid in full.
You are enough,
because He is enough:
to fix your broken parts,
to fix your broken heart,
to fix everything that anyone has ever said is wrong with you.
So bear your battlescars like medals,
and your burn marks like badges,
for broken reeds and spirits he does not despise.
When God sees you, He does not see the lies the world has told.
Or the shame which you have carried.
Or the sum of messed-up, mixed-up parts.
Or mistakes made.
He sees you,
and you are wondrous,
and you are precious,
and you are, always,



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