A Pedestrian’s Guide to Rape Culture

Walk the street as a woman one day.

Every strange man is a potential attacker.
If his eyes linger on you too long, your heartrate speeds up.
An idling taxi with tinted windows could see you as more than just a customer.
You could be young.
You could be pretty.
You could be wearing a skirt or jeans and sneakers, it doesn’t matter.
You are vulnerable, and you remember
that night when a man in a basketball jersey
circled you like a vulture as you stood on the curb.
You were taught in school to trust the policemen.
You trusted the policeman. He laughed at you.
“Is that your boyfriend?”
When you tried to stand closer, he pushed you away.
Now you don’t trust the policemen.
And you walk like it’s no man’s land.
Every blind spot, every concrete pillar, every dark alley–
you’re terrified.
Every trip to the store is a test of courage.
Every eye on you feels like a target locking.
You could be old.
You could be ugly.
You could be wearing a bikini or nothing at all, it doesn’t matter.
You are vulnerable, and natural selection
is a very real thing, even in broad daylight,
no one to protect you, hoping that today…
today, maybe, I’ll stay lucky.
Today, maybe, I’ll make it back to my desk.
But there’s always tomorrow.

Walk the street as a woman one day.



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