[outfit post] The girl can’t help it. (The anti-fashionista, or when style takes a vacation)

 One of the perks of not having a strict corporate dress code at the office (except on pitch days) is that occasionally (well, okay, frequently as of late) I can engage in unapologetically lazy fashion.  Or, well, as lazy as I can get without showing up to work in pajamas.


Top: Coldwater Creek (SM Supermarket)
Leggings: Body Music
Sweater: Muji
Flats: Via Veneto


…which is pretty lazy.

My current “can’t be bothered” essentials are a fuzzy sweater (perfect for the nippy weather, and the fuzzier the better), an a-line loose tee (usually with long sleeves), old leggings, ballet flats, and matte red lipstick–my single concession to fashion, so I can at least say I made a slight effort.  (Favourite shade being, as ever, NARS Dragon Girl.)

Add a messy topknot and voila–borderline-“normcore” fashion.  Look, Arra, I’m on trend!


Lunchbreak.  I commune with the office’s giant milk pillow.



Portrait of today’s disenfranchised, milk-loving youth.



Surprisingly, despite this being technically “lazy” fashion, I feel good in it–as in, I wouldn’t feel horribly embarrassed to be seen in public dressed like this.  The power of comfortable basics is that they take little-to-no brainpower to match together, (usually) wear well and comfortably, and look instinctively put together, though admittedly less-than-“flashy.”  There is no “oomph” factor to this outfit, but neither is there anything that screams “ugh!”  It is blend-into-the-crowd, chameleonic style that provides a a nice, neutral palette to float through the day in, giving me time to recharge my fashion batteries for the next day…or maybe the day after…or…well…

To be honest, the best (and worst?) part about lazy basics is that you feel like you could get away with wearing them (or at least several variations of them–I do wash my clothes.) forever.  They’re investments in peace of mind, and on days when you’d rather be working instead of working it, they’re a well-needed closet breather.  I know I’m enjoying my time off. :))




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