Original Song – “Take A Cue”

Hi everyone!  Been pretty busy the last few days, and I promise better updates very soon, especially about the Design Her Story conference I attended last Saturday, and what came out of it!  For now, just wanted to share this mini-milestone in my music-making (say that ten times fast, I DARE YOU): I wrote my own song!  BY MYSELF!  INCLUDING THE CHORDS!

…Which are, admittedly, C-G-Am-F, but STILL.

I wrote this song based on a webseries I’m following, Emma Approved, so watchers of the show will pick up on references in the lyrics (Such as the “Hell yeah!” which ordinarily I wouldn’t put in a song, LOL.).  Admittedly, this isn’t the most polished cover I’ve done, but I’m hoping it’s a good enough homage to the heart-wrenching performance of Pemberley Digital’s cast.  If you haven’t watched any of Pemberley Digital‘s work yet, PLEASE DO CHECK OUT THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  You are missing out on HALF YOUR LIFE if you don’t.

Anyway, I need to sleep–it’s late and I have a long day tomorrow–but I PROMISE, #DesignHerStory coverage in the next few days!




  1. I want to let you know that the song is beautiful. You have a powerful set of pipes! I like the changes in tempo and rests where you just sing. It is a cathartic performance and I see that you feel it, perhaps it can heal. I am deeply touched.


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