[outfit post] Cheered-up Emo Kid (or She’s Trolling The Gangster)

With August coming in, the -ber months are fast approaching, so technically the weather’s supposed to be getting slightly cooler and rainier.  Lately, though, Mother Nature’s been having difficulty making up her mind.  To cope, a lot of us at the Virus HQ have been relying on thinner fabrics casual layers to combat the quick shifts in temperature…with some interesting results.


I promise you, we did not plan this.

Helen (our senior Social Media Manager) and I ended up wearing coordinating pop-punk outfits, mixing 90s grunge staples (plaid and baseball/sports tees) with early-00s emo kid classics (skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors/boots).  I just happened to bring Ellie to work today, creating a great set-up for one of those cliché “girl band” Myspace photos…until someone gave Helen a snapback.


Punk emo hip-hop…maybe we’re a crossover band?


On Helen – Plaid Shirt: Stylish Concept Gallery | T-shirt: Daily Grind | Skinny Jeans: Lee | Ankle Boots: SM Megamall

On Frankie – Crop Top: Stradivarius | Cami Tank: Kirkland (SnR) | Skinny Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Converse All Star

Photos by Nike Amistoso of “The Electromagnet Chick.”  Check out her blog’s Batman giveaway!




The best part of working in Virus is the characters you meet and the friends you make.  Even if Helen is SMM’s resident “Crazy Bat” (and maybe more than a little bit because of it), she’s still a great friend and co-worker, legendary for her ability to diffuse tension with one of her “Helenisms”–surprising, strange, occasionally disturbing (and vaguely homicidal), but always-funny “quotable quotes” that more often than not come out of nowhere.  With Helen, I have a more-than-willing partner to my wacky weirdness.


Knowing Helen, she’s probably thinking about how to murder me and make it look like an accident.


Early-90s throwbacks have been gaining ground lately, both in fashion and in pop culture.  Arguably one of the biggest “setpieces” for this trend is “She’s Dating The Gangster,” the latest showcase for teen idol couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, adapted from the Wattpad novel of Bianca Bernardino.  The film’s story takes place mostly in 1994 (a.k.a. the prehistoric era, for the film’s target market), complete with the plaid, skateboards, and questionable hair accessories you’ll probably remember from romcoms of that period (10 Things I Hate About You anyone?).  Since that snapback (the millenial generation’s ultimate “gangsta” accessory) was still floating around, we couldn’t help but take a crack at KathNiel ourselves.  Behold…


“She’s Dating The Gangster”

#SorryNotSorry. :))  See you in the next post, guys!


P.S. Check out more of Helen’s crazy adventures on her food/travel/lifestyle blog, Wanderlen!


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  1. Reblogged this on Wanderlen and commented:
    Because once in a while, it feels great to make fun of yourself. I didn’t know I’m capable of doing such thing. But hey, I’m surround with the coolest people in the whole wide world! 🙂


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