[outfit post] Gray Sky Morning, or The Roaming Tsinay vs. Normcore: Round One

Arra (who appears to have elected herself as my style duenna) told me to try the normcore trend.  So I tried it.  For the uninitiated, a definition:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.07.16 PM


And this is what Vogue (in their article “Meet Norma Normcore“) says it looks like.

normcore-vogue-4-20mar14-jason-lloyd-evans_b_320x480 normcore-vogue-2-20mar14-jason-lloyd-evans_b_320x480

(Photos from Vogue.com)

In Arra’s own words, it’s (and these are not her exact words, but close enough) “…dressing to go to the supermarket on a lazy weekend, but it’s doing so fashionably.”

…I’m just as confused as you are.

Still, I decided to give it the old college try.  Here’s what I managed to pull together today:


Dress/Top: Knit gray tunic from Namdaemun Market (?)
Belt: “Vintage Store” near Millennium Seoul Hilton
Leggings: Body Music (Shopwise)
Boots: Crown Vintage (Designer Shoe Warehouse, New Jersey)
Cardigan: Vintage, from Mum’s old clothes.


Obviously, this is nowhere close to “stylishly un-styled,” but it’s loose and lazy and ridiculously comfortable (unlike, I’ll admit, some of my other looks), so maybe Vogue will give me a pass (though I doubt normcore devotees will).




Photos/Editing by Nike Amistoso.

I think it’s impossible for me not to overthink things, so this particular style subculture may be a bit out of my depth.  However, our model-in-residence Roch De Mesa has no trouble working the look without trying.  Here she is to school you on how normcore (as stylists see it) is really done:


Boom.  Normcore.

It probably helps that, normcore being a style popularized by “models off duty,” Roch is actually a ‘model off duty,’: genetically predisposed to look fabulous even without trying.  Still, I haven’t given up yet!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry, where I try for Round Two!



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