[outfit post] Better Than Boys

Lately, I feel my blog has decided to be a fashion blog (which is hilarious, as post-graduation I have become the laziest dresser ever), because reasons.

…or, rather, because Arra.  When she spotted me walking back from the break-room, she insisted we have another #OOTD shoot.  Usually, I have to pester Arra to take my #ootd photos though, so I can’t complain.

I love men’s fashion, especially tailored men’s fashion.  From the crisp casual of the hipster set to the pseudo-corpo cool of post-punk and emo kids, my fashion moodboards are full of inspiration from the men’s department.  But, bar none, what I consider my favorite type of menswear is the British-tailored, slim-fit, three-piece suit.  Men who rock the look, like Tom Hiddleston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, are instantly imbued with added sex appeal, but what really makes this rather staid, conservative staple almost indecent in its allure…

…is when a woman wears it, and wears it better than a man can.

tumblr_lcpfnek4DS1qzsp95 (1)

Behold the queen: Leighton Meester.

I won’t claim to touch the perfection that is Leighton Meester’s suit game, but I did take her as an inspiration for today’s pitch-ready outfit.


Blazer: Louis Féraud (from Mum’s closet)
Shirt: Blue Republic
Trousers: Topshop
Tie: Saizen (Robinsons Galleria)
Belt: Zara
Heels: Marks and Spencer’s

(Photos by Arra Abella of Style Reader)


While overall I admit I look more preppy and less power-dressed, I like the cool severity of the outfit–or at least how cool and severe the look makes me feel.  My friend Esther would call something like this “battle armor,” and in a way it kind of is: suiting up is a way of projecting an image of what I could be, versus what I am (an awkward twenty-one year old with a not-so-inner child).  It’s a wearable boost of confidence, which is essential in a pitching situation.

(Keeping your eyes closed, though, is not recommended. *posing fail*)



IMG_7587Arra calls this my “Agent Torres” look.  Nike claims it’s more “Brooks Brothers.”


To contrast from the clean lines of the suit (and keep from looking entirely androgynous), I turned my rough waves into loose curls.  Kept makeup to a minimum (as a nod to my laziness) with a natural-pink blush and bold cherry lip.



Obviously, this isn’t a suit (which, by nature, is sold in one set: trousers, coat, and waistcoat if ever) so much as a suit-like outfit.  I’m still saving up for when I can get an actual suit (or two.  Or five.) tailored at Kamuning Market or King Philip (along Arnaiz).  Until then, though, I’ll keep trying my best to make a case for why we women wear this look better than boys.




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