[outfit post] (m)Ad World: The #ImInfected Update

*peeks out from behind a corner*…Hi everyone!

Today, Arra Abella (of Style Reader) pointed out that in the face of my goal to “blog at least once a week,” I haven’t actually updated in…a while.

very long while.  I owe you all a lot.  Specifically updates to my series “Me and My Lists.”  *hides face in shame*

Suffice it to say, life is what happens when you forget to blog.  To be sure, lots have happened since my last update.  First things first: I graduated.

Photographer Photographer

With very red hair, wearing a very green dress.

It’s been over two months since I officially earned my double-degree in AB Humanities/MSc Management, but honestly, despite spending over seven months as an intern in Virus Inc., it still jarring when I realize that I’m not actually a student anymore.  Instead, I am a fully-fledged Junior Strategist at Virus Inc., working quite happily–and with not a little clinginess–with my beloved SMM “bats” (as they’ve dubbed themselves), Nike, Arra, and Helen, under the benevolent rule of Rashmi, our Senior Strategist/Head of Social Media.  I made my transition from intern to employee quite quietly, in the midst of our send-off for intern Dani De Leon, but suffice it to say by May I was technically a regularized employee, despite not yet being an official graduate.

As an official member of the Strategy team, life has gotten a little bit more hectic, but also a lot more fun.  Case in point: my first Virus #ootd blog, due in no small part to some gentle coercion from Arra.


Leather Jacket: Topshop
Top: Shapes
Skinny Jeans: Topshop
Flats: SM Solemate
Glasses: Bebe Eyewear (from Rita Optical)


Working at an agency means embracing a more casual dress code (except on pitch/meeting days where suiting up is the rule) than the corporate “uniform” I had to wear in my last two-and-a-half years at UA&P.  This, coupled with being part of a rock band whose fashion directive is to “grab whatever looks good in the closet and put it on,” has meant that my style has gotten significantly dressed down and “chill,” with lots of stuff coming from different “eras” of my pre-corporate university style.


In light of the new “normcore” trend (still have no idea what that is), I’ve dubbed my flashback-to-uni style “dormcore,” even if I never actually dorm-ed in school.  Friends will recognize the made-up face from my “Eurochic” sophomore/junior period, the leather moto jacket from junior year, and skinnies + polo from my MScM corpo days when I was too lazy to pull on anything more “suited up.”  The flats, though, are a relatively new addition, as I barely wear heels nowadays.  *cue shock-horror-gasp*


Close-up shot, because Arra insisted.


IMG_7559For some-odd reason, Helen showed up in leather too, so Arra had us do a quick photoshoot before work started.  We made a show of “reluctantly” obliging, but to be honest this is the first time I haven’t had to beg Arra to take my #ootd photos, so I didn’t need that much convincing. :))

Well, there you have it!  All the news that’s fit to print (and should have been printed ages ago), and an outfit post on top of that.  Ironically, I finished my #ootd shoot just as an old highschool batchmate (the informally-crowned prettiest girl in the batch, until she moved to Canada) posted a new outfit blog.  She knows what she’s doing more than I do, so check Jem Cheng out here.

See you guys next week!  (Hopefully.)


Update: So Roch turned up in a leather jacket as well, and since everyone happened to be wearing black…this happened.



Look out, K-Pop.  There’s a new band in town. :))



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