[poetry] Spoken Word – “Unrequited”

A/N: An old poem, and maybe a bridge that will be burned.


How much of falling in love happens when you look across a room?
And blink.
And blink again.
And wonder exactly what you are thinking when you see his smile quirk up
just so, and suddenly your heart goes
woah, because you never saw that before.

You remember he had puppy fat around his face
the first time you met,
and how later you turned to your friend and said,
“He’s not that cute, is he?”
He used to be the sidekick of the friend of the friend,
but now he’s the main man in your imagination.
Now he’s the one you might as well have on speed dial,
because you’ve memorized his number.

Even if you never call.

When the green light appears
next to his name
on Facebook
you feel like Gatsby gazing at Daisy Buchanan’s dock and wondering
What to say?
How to say it?
How to invite him over to your swank mansion, your famous parties–
the ones you throw hoping he’ll come around?

How to get him into your world?

It’s funny how you can’t reduce him to just one physicality, but the physical is exactly what haunts you:
how he smells,
the way his hair moves,
the way his legs cut the air
when he runs–

You’re doomed.

You never knew a man could make you stare
just by being there.  Not even moving in a method remotely romantic,
but just by standing still,
or curving his body around the mic stand,
his lips poised to kiss the air–

Adoration is best done at a distance, and you try to keep that distance but it keeps getting narrower,
and narrower still until suddenly,
he’s there,
all lean and lanky in limited edition
black-and-gray jacket,
and button-down,
and blood-orange t-shirt,
and that grin.
Leaning against a concrete pillar, looking at you as if
he knows.

“Hey.” he says, slow.
You look at him in wonder, reply
“How come I didn’t see you coming?”
Because that’s the question that’s been on your mind
since the very first day you discovered your heart was beating.

“How come I didn’t see you coming?”

Because to be honest,
if you had,
you would have done your best to stop it.




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