[beauty] Goodbye #ProjectRedhead, Hello #ProjectBrunette

It’s been fun, but, sadly (as in you have no idea how sad I am about this decision), all good things must needs come to an end.  And while #ProjectRedhead was definitely a good thing–or, well, at least a fun thing–I’m starting to miss my healthier-looking, “hidden ginger” natural hair.  Or, rather, I’m starting to miss how much moneysaved by keeping my healthier-looking, “hidden ginger” natural hair.

As I keep reiterating on these blogs, taking the plunge into redhead territory is a major commitment.  With constant fading (the mark of a true red dye), the bleeding-after-a-shower, and the need for regular salon (or at-home) touch-ups, being ginge (or titian, or auburn, or copper, or whatever shade) requires obsessiveness and a somewhat disposable income.  And while I do have the former…

…well, let’s just say, I don’t have the latter.

So I’ve decided to (admittedly reluctantly; I look quite a bit nicer as a Tully-Stark) embrace going back to au naturel after ticking getting a dye job off of my bucket list.  While I’ve explored several options such as dyeing all my hair back to my natural colour (next-to-impossible, as every salon I went to told me my natural colour was nearly-impossible to properly replicate) and cutting it all off (which would mean spending on a haircut, and as I mentioned I don’t really have money to burn right now), the best option, at the end of the day, was to do as little to it as possible.

Basically, leave my hair alone.

Fortunately, the “ombre” hairstyle hasn’t exactly gone out of fashion yet, so this is a viable option for a soon-to-be ex-redhead such as myself, but unfortunately my hair is currently an unnatural shade of red which, ten-to-one, won’t really blend well with my dark-brown regrowth.

Photo on 6-6-14 at 7.24 PMAforementioned unnaturally-red (occasionally pink) hair.

With hair the shade of a strobe light (and you should see what actual strobe lights do to it), not doing anything to my hair is not exactly an option.  At the very least, I’ll have to tone down it’s gloriously bright flame-ness.  I’ve started the process already by using clarifying and balancing shampoos daily (yep, breaking my “don’t wash your hair every day” rule) to gently strip the semi-permanent topcoat (Manic Panic Vampire Red), which will probably leave a great pseudo-blonde, pseudo-ginger mess at the end of the week.

Step two of this process will be to dye my hair for the second to the last time, with Herbatint box colours I’ve had in stock for a few months already.  They were supposed to be used as ingredients for colour-depositing conditioner, but since I won’t be trying to deposit any more colour onto my hair I might as well use them to darken my light lengths into a more blendable shade.  Currently I have one box of “Light copper brown” and one-and-a-half boxes of “copper blonde” from this brand, which, considering how long my hair is, should be enough to cover my whole head (sans roots) and will hopefully develop into an ombre-worthy shade.

Once this colour fades out (and more roots likely grow in), step three–and the last dyeing step–will come into effect.  My mum has unused boxes of Herbatint Dark Mahogany Brown which she’s graciously allowed me to use, and I will to finally make the transition from red to brown, hopefully buying me time to get used to idea before my whole dark mass grows in.

Then, well, Project Brunette begins, until perhaps I can save up a fund to have red-brown highlights, since those are quite a bit easier to maintain (I think).  Or else henna.  But I’m trying not to think about that right now (I’m too busy mourning the red. :)) )

While the roots grow out, I’ve been experimenting with hairstyles that make them look less sloppy and more rocker-chic, and I’ll be getting to seven different iterations I’ve discovered in the next post. For now, this is an official announcement: out with the new, and back in with the old! I’m going back to my roots…literally. :))

How about you, dear readers? Have any of you had to grow out your hair? How did you do it?


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