[I’m INFECTED: Life As a Virus, Inc. Intern] #CrossingFunctions, featuring STORIFY! (I hope.)

4/4!  FINALLY.  It’s nearly 1AM and my eyes are beginning to get all blurry.  Honestly when will I ever learn not to cram major academic requirements?  Though, pretty soon (God willing), I won’t have any more academic requirements though.  Don’t know how I feel about that yet.  Will probably blog about it when I figure it out.

Anyway, back to the task at hand: update 4/4!

Today was a pretty big day for us at Virus.  First, a TV crew actually came over to film us as part of a feature for ABS-CBN’s morning talk-show Umagang Kay Gandawhich I’m told will air Monday, some time between 6:30 and 7:30am.  (If y’all are from the Philippines, and feel like waking up early then, do check us out?)  While I will admit in a past life I was a shameless media attention-seeker (I remember when camera crews came to our elementary school to interview my classmate Keeshia Wee Eng because she’d interviewed Erap, I got excessively jealous and was depressed for days.), and certainly I don’t think things have changed that much, I had to finish a pitch deck for one of the three client pitches on Friday (tomorrow, or, well, today), and so decamped to the quietest place I could find in Virus HQ: The Kitchen.

Actually, I didn’t so much decamp there as I was summoned by Sir Miguel.  We’re currently working on a microsite for a major client, and I was dispatched to shadowing Justin, who was spearheading this effort, and helping him out with content placement and layouting…at which point I had to reveal I had zero Photoshop experience.

This being the case, I was asked instead to pinpoint where we still needed assets from the client, which I did as quickly as possible before plunging back into my deck.  The cameras still invading my side of the office, though, I decided to “lie low” in the Kitchen for a while, promising that as soon as my deck was done I would help out wherever else I could.  To be honest, though, I didn’t expect to be much help, due to my lack of coding knowledge and Photoshop illiteracy.

I finished the deck a little after lunch, a few minutes after the cameras had left.  After getting the go-ahead, I sent it off to Roch, along with the fonts, all from the stolen bit of space I had in the Kitchen.  Chalking it up to pure inertia, I settled in to do pre-work for another deck…when Sir Miguel approached me again, this time asking me to assist with CMS: content management.

At first, I thought I was going to be in over my head–I’d never excelled in development, and my puerile attempts at tinkering with my blog layouts before I’d wised up and stuck to templates looked…amateurish at best.  CSS and HTML were, as I’d mentioned before, beyond me.  I’m a BD-Strat intern, which while technically makes me “cross-functional” isn’t as dramatic “cross-functioning” as Keynoting to CSS!  Could I handle this?

…Apparently, I could.  It wasn’t that much different from blogging, actually–just a bit more photo-editing involved.  And about one line of CSS.  The only skill I really needed was attention to detail, which as a woman I guess is sort of a given.  Justin showed me the ropes a bit, I asked some stupid questions, and I was off!  About a quarter of the way through, I decided that I’d live-tweet my adventure as well, so I did.  Look out below!

[UPDATE: Okay, so WordPress isn’t allowing me to embed…so let’s pretend it worked? You can click the link real quick instead and check out the live tweets, then come back and finish. Sorry guys! TOLD YOU I SUCK AT CODING!!]

What I’m liking about this internship is that despite being assigned a certain department, I’m allowed to have face-time with all the others, learning bits and pieces of the more technical sides of digital as I go.  While I won’t claim to be any good at what the people of the Kitchen do (compare my paltry AE art to their masterpieces and you’d see what I mean), it was fun to feel like “one of them” for a day, and watch how they worked.  They even joked that after getting used to the dual-screen and the code-checks, I might migrate permanently!  (Heck no; I’m sticking to Keynote!)

All good things have to come to an end, though.  Eventually, my time to head out–and go to my last ever official class at Dragon U–came, and I said goodbye to everyone, and thanked them (especially Justin, who had to put up with all my n00b mistakes) for their patience with the midget “Intern 2” from across the office.  All-in-all, an interesting day, and, as usual with my internship, I learned a good deal.  I actually quite enjoyed doing my “baby development team” work (though it hardly qualified development work, I think, compared to what they actually do), and would definitely want to help out again when needed, as long as at the end of the day I could go back to my my AE-art and strat decking. :))



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