Singer Sings The Blues

Singers are a dime a dozen, yes. We are expendable and replaceable, especially in my country (where literally everyone sings). But that is what makes our job so hard–so much of it is under-appreciated. We struggle with health problems and physical limitations and are asked to turn styles on a dime, and because there’s no obvious difficulty…people think just anyone can sing. Because just anyone can sing. There is a difference between singing and…singing.

How can you measure heart? How can you measure soul? How can you measure months and years of learning to disappear into the music, make it sound good, with the power of your voice? We sing in gratitude to the orchestra, but we are as much a part of it as any other instrument.

Maybe I’ve too much understated the importance of poetry in music, false humility motivating my belittling of the craft. But I’ve been unfair not just to myself but to those whose singing is better than I. We do not have an easy lot, singers. But we stick with it anyway, because of that moment in the middle of the noise when the noise becomes music and we disappear into it.



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