I’ve been going through a bit of a rollercoaster when it comes to my Christian walk.  The more I enter the “adult” world, the more I realize that I’ve been sheltered and that it is ridiculously easy to fall into a pattern of compromise because, well, compromise (not alcohol, although alcohol can be part of it) is a social lubricant.  It’s scary that the girl I believed I was–the girl who seemed so strong in her convictions, in “coming out” as Christian–can be so easily swayed in reality.  But I guess that I needed some humbling, and needed to realize that as a Christian I am not alone in my inability  to consistently “walk the talk.”


This blog by this amazing author is reassuring, because it talks about hitting rock bottom and climbing again and being constantly assailed by the temptation to fall off the wagon and back into an old life.  Most of all, it talks about grace.  Christians aren’t perfect, otherwise we wouldn’t need Christ.  Instead, we’re messy, and admittedly quite a few of us–case and point, myself–are screwed up, sometimes to the point that it surprises us just how screwed up we are.  But there is grace, a grace which not only forgives (otherwise it would just be an excuse) but also changes, leading us back when we go astray, and making sure that eventually we get home safe.


So yeah, for all you screwed-up, struggling, messy Christians like me…definitely read this piece.




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