[Consumer Guide] Indie Fashion at ZALORA Marketplace

First off, I promise I will clock in the five (yes, I owe five) reports on my Virus, Inc. life as soon as possible.  Things have been plenty busy here at HQ for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve also started on my thesis data-gathering, in collaboration with the sassy DJ Amistocino, a.k.a. Nike Amistoso.  (Shameless plug: Look her up on Mixcloud and Soundcloud!)  There’s also a social media storytelling experiment that I’ve been trying to manage–Locker 225, but more on that another time–and to top it all off…did I mention I’m now in a band?

I’m now in a band.  We’re called Stories Told, and while we haven’t officially debuted yet, we’ve been in think-tank mode all month churning out material.

But, again more on all that later.  For now, I shall temporarily relaunch my career as a “professional blogger”–a.k.a. a blogger that blogs about professional, relevant-to-you-guys, nothing-about-my-life–and talk to you about something I now do because I have an independent paycheck: shop online.

Being vaguely agoraphobic, I must confess going to the mall has always been a love-hate experience for me.  On the one hand, I like window shopping and discovering new stores and great finds.  On the other hand…peopleEverywhere.

This trauma came to a head one Christmas when my mother asked me to take on my share of shopping alone.  After four hours in a gigantic mall (which shall remain nameless), I found myself sobbing in a corner next to a large potted plant.

While I’d been dubious about online shopping before, after “the incident” I became more open to the idea.  My friends were eager to recommend their favorite Facebook e-tailers and online shopping sites, and time and time again ZALORA would pop up as one of the top choices.

Combining the selection of a super-sized mall with the ease of online, ZALORA has become huge as Asia’s leading fashion hub, featuring a range of local and international brands. Offering a thirty-day free returns policy, speedy deliveries within 2-3 working days, free delivery (given a certain spend), and multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, ZALORA is definitely a comfortable source of serious retail therapy.

“That’s nice,” you might say, “But I’m more into indie brands.”  Well, fear not, fellow hipsters, for so am I, and ZALORA has recently announced their solution.  Presenting: ZALORA Marketplace.


This new addition to the ZALORA network of online services will allow independent fashion designers and vendors from all over Southeast Asia and Hong Kong to create their own branded storefront within the ZALORA site, which will be run and maintained by the seller with the help of a dedicated ZALORA account manager.

Linking with ZALORA also means that they will benefit from the site’s huge online marketing reach which includes online banner ads, Facebook exposure, and of course rave reviews from shopaholics (like yours truly).  Also, with over fifteen million visits to the site per month, an e-tailer stands to gain a huge audience.

And, as for us buyers, we get a total fashion explosion of new indie brands to try out!  Definitely a win!

A dedicated and localized ZALORA Fashion Scout force is currently searching for and recruiting potential brands and designers to come on board for launch, but if you’re interested in being one of the new wave of international online fashion stars, ZALORA Marketplace is currently open to applications from potential sellers and details can be found here.

So what do you think?  Are you as excited as I am for this new indie shopping experience?  I’m definitely getting my wallet ready. 😉




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