[outfit post] Steal some color, share some skin…: Lookbook Sunday

NOTE: This should have been posted yesterday, but WordPress started malfunctioning, so it only got posted now. 😦 Ah well, better late than never!


Ladies and gentlemen, the accidental fashion blogger is back!  

After doing too much “serious” writing work (actually, doing serious work in general; my face has broken out from stress ugh) the past couple of days, I decided to have some fun and indulge my hashtag-outfit of the day side.  Usually I only post the shameless vanity that is #ootd (hey look, that rhymes!) on my Instagram (you can check it out in the sidebar; be warned: selfies abound!), but sometimes, and usually on a Sunday I notice, I post a full-on blog about my looks and how to put them together.


Wool coat and Reversible Beanie: Muji (BGC Branch)
Chiffon button-down: Shapes (SM Megamall)
Statement Necklace: Ba Tik Shoppe
Printed Leggings: Vera Wang from SM Surplus (SM Makati)
Boots: Crown Vintage from Designer Shoe Warehouse, New Jersey



Today’s rainy weather made it a perfect day for layering.  I’m pretty sure the temperature was probably only in the mid- to high-twenties (lovely warm weather for my foreign friends), but to me it was freezing, probably because of the rain.  My go-to coat in these sorts of situations is my heavy Muji favorite, which I love because of its classic design and slightly masculine vibe. I sort of wish it was a hoodie though, but no matter–my beanie, and my favorite umbrella (a souvenir from the Kinkakuji Shrine in Kyoto) do the job of keeping the rain away.

The rest of my outfit was inspired by the looks I saw patrolling my favorite guilty-pleasure style blogs, What Claudia Wore and Entropificus (click the latter link to see the exact outfit I based mine on), which mainly feature the zany fashion of one Claudia Kishi, of The Babysitters’ Club fame (remember that series?  It’s in the same genre as the Sweet Valley books.).  The style is actually a bit of a departure from my usual color palette, which tends towards–ironically–rainy-day/winter shades, but sometimes it’s nice to wear a bit of color and crazy print.  Again, blame Claudia Kishi.  Got to love that kid, and the blogs devoted to her.

Figures that my style pegs would be fictional 90s teenagers, right?



My trusty Crown Vintage boots; probably the best buy this year.

I cannot stress enough how much I love flat-heeled leather motorcycle-ish boots now, especially given this weather!  They’re more versatile than rubber boots (which I still wear though, especially if I’m going to be out in the rain for more than just a few hours) and sort of lend a rocker vibe to any outfit, even dresses.  Plus, for a girl who wears far too many heels for her own good, kicking back in flats is a huge relief.

Also, figures that I’d discover the joy of wearing printed leggings (SM Surplus FTW!) when my weight is less-than-forgiving about them.  Thank goodness for long and loose tops!  Definitely think that one flowy chiffon button-down should hang in every girl’s closet.  Or five.  Or ten.

(Actually, why not pull a Steve Jobs and have a closet entirely full of them?  LOL)


These photos were taken using the “Chrome” filter on the new iOS 7which, after much drama, I finally downloaded.  The new camera function is quite good (love how the colors pop against the overall grungy feel of the photo), but annoyingly the filters disappear when you upload the photos to iPhoto, so I had to insert these into the post the roundabout way, using my WordPress app.  You can get a similar effect though with Google+ Snapseed, a free post-processing app for iPhone, and those edits definitely show up after you import, so I think next time around I may just go back to that.


Tied in my top with my leggings by adding this floral collar necklace from Ba Tik Shoppe.  I think the weather makes the colors pop more.


My sleepy, bedraggled self. :))

So that’s it for my #ootd!  See you guys probably on another Sunday (or Saturday, who knows)!


This wasn’t originally what I was going to wear today.  I actually wanted to re-create this look, but don’t have the top for it.  And yes, if you’re wondering, that is Nymphadora Tonks.


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