When the green light appears
next to his name
on Facebook
you feel like Gatsby gazing at Daisy Buchanan’s dock and wondering
What to say?
How to say it?
How to invite him over to your swank mansion, your famous parties–
the ones you throw hoping he’ll come around?

How to get him into your world?

~ An excerpt of “Unrequited,” another spoken-word piece I’ve been working on.

I don’t want to post the whole thing, because I’m not sure the person in question knows I used to bear unrequited affections for them…so I’ll just put up my favorite part (Is that too self-aggrandizing? :S).  The Gatsby metaphor (simile?  Technically it’s a simile here.) is one of my pet ones for that feeling of longing seeing the green light next to your crush’s name on FB.  Makes it all seem more important than it actually is.


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