[outfit post] Bohemian Saturday feat. No-Heat Waves

Since I planned to stay in today to (supposedly) finish the backlog of writing/schoolwork that threatens to eat me alive, last night I decided to try a new no-heat technique of curling my hair that doesn’t involve my usual suspects, a.k.a. socks, rags, and foam rollers.  The one I used this time around is usually referred to (at least on YouTube) as ‘bun’ or ‘twist’ curling, and the technique I used comes from this video (I wanted to embed it, but she’s disabled embedding.).

The YouTube user in question, BeautyIsHeavenly, has fine, naturally wavy hair, as opposed to my slightly coarse, straight hair (she’s Austrian, I’m Asian; go figure), and as she mentions in the comments heatless techniques tend to work better, and last longer, on naturally wavy hair, mostly because they tend to bring out the natural wave of the hair rather than actually create defined curls.  Still, they usually work for me anyway, despite the fact that my hair is nowhere near wavy, though they tend to look a bit different from how the tutorials would have them look.


My icky second-day hair, after sleeping on it in buns.  Note the disgruntled, ‘just woke up’ expression.


Bun curls, when undone.  This is NOT what they looked like in the tutorial.  No way.



At first, I thought that bun curls were a total fail on my head, especially after ending up with a wild, Barbarella poof of hair that bore a passing resemblance to my disastrous freshman year perm.  After posting photos on my Facebook, I combed them out with a detangling comb, intending to “destroy” the curls enough so I could pull them away from my face without it looking like I had a rat’s nest for a ponytail.


To my pleasant surprise, after being combed out and fluffed a bit, they fell into these nice, relaxed beachy waves.  After touching up a few strands that had pulled too loose–using my trusty BaByLiss curling iron–I decided schoolwork could wait, and pulled together a look for a quick “#ootd” (outfit-of-the-day, for the uninitiated) photoshoot, using my trusty iPhone camera.


I used to be a big proponent of the super-sculpted, almost corkscrew-like curls à la Blair Waldorf.  Lately, though, I’ve been preferring the more relaxed look of flower-child beach waves, mostly because they require a lot less effort, and if they fall during the course of the day, it doesn’t look as awkward as when you’ve got half-fallen ringlets (those tend to look like I’ve gotten a bad perm grow-out).  Plus, they look a lot better with the more boho style I’ve lately grown to favor–more Serena van der Woodsen than Blair, really.


It’s rose season at my house, so my Cabbage Rose (r. centifolia) plant is blooming like crazy!


Boots: Designer Shoe Warehouse
Shorts: Guess (vintage)
Top: Basic Essentials, Shopwise
Floral cover-up: Mum’s closet
Hat: Sidewalk vendor in Foz do Iguaçu
Aviators: i2i


Photography credits to Ate Mayet.  Post-processing done on my iPhone 5 using Google+ Snapseed.




  1. Gah your hair looks so cool! Love it! Stumbled upon your blog by searching the ‘youtube beauty’ tag. We just started up our youtube channel, do you have one? We only have July favourites and one tutorial up right now though. Would love it if you could check it out! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUEjkgJxiVJ1vJ3debvbTng Hit us up with a comment so we can find your one too! Would love to really get to know the other people in the youtube/wordpress beauty community! xox Rubenesque


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