Looks like Project Zipped Lips will be prematurely aborted because I DO NOT HAVE NODES.

…well I do. Ish. They’re called “pre-nodular swelling.” The cause: being forced to be an alto when in fact I AM A SPINTO SOPRANO. A. SOPRANO. Just with a very thick, alto-y vocal quality. Apparently having to “fry” my voice to sound like an alto pissed my vocal cords off enough to create said pre-nodular swelling.

Also, the very very best part? No, it’s not that I can talk again (of course I can). It’s that I CAN SING AGAIN! Albeit less for now, and I’ll still need therapy for the next few months, and I can’t drink coffee either but BA-BAYM! I’M BACK! And this time Dolly will never go away AGAAAAIIIN!!!


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