R.I.P., Cory Monteith


I feel like, because Glee was such a large part of my younger years, I should at least do a quick update on this: Cory Monteith, a.k.a. Finn Hudson is dead at 31, found alone in a Vancouver Hotel room.  Cause of death is, as yet, unknown.

It’s weird how, though I haven’t watched Glee in a long time, I am supremely affected by this news.  At first, I thought it was because he was part of a franchise that I had, in some sense, “grown up with,” but honestly I haven’t watched Glee in ages, nor have I considered myself a Gleek since the end of the second season.  Even when I was a Gleek, though, Finn wasn’t my favorite character (though his rendition of “Stand By You” has to be one of the better poignant anthems of the show).  He was part of what was my OTP for the longest time–yep, I was a Finnchel shipper–but I was never as much of a fan of his as I was of, say, Blaine Anderson (although that was because Blaine was played by Darren Criss).

In the end, though, I guess the grief isn’t because Cory was/is (I’m grasping at what pronouns to use; it all still feels surreal) a famous person.  It was because he was a human being, who was obviously trying to be a better human being, and who died before he could see and feel the freedom of that finally being true.  He died mid-struggle, and that reality hurts, because he desperately needed to have at least seen that struggle end.  (I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing he had.)

At any rate, he made a lot of people happy while he was alive, and his memory, and his work, will continue to make a lot of people happy in the future.  He wasn’t the best singer or actor or whatever out there, but from what I’ve seen of what he’s done, he gave what he gave with heart, and I think, Gleek or not, people will always respect that.  I know I will.



R.I.P. Cory Monteith.  It goes without saying, really, that you will be missed.



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