Red Bull gives you insomnia.

Again, hi, Ms. Jodie!

So I have to be really quick about this as I have to be awake at 7AM, Brazil Time (6PM PH time).

This week I officially started my work as a CEEDer for AIESEC, on top of my usual Project TALK responsibilities and my role as an informal guitar teacher (which is more bickering that actual teaching, really).  I work in the Communications department, marketing AIESEC to the different courses in the State University of Maringa (UEM), which is sort of like UP, only more confusing to navigate and without the UP Ikot or the Oblation Run.

My job pretty much requires me to put on makeup every time I go to work because 1) as a marketer, image is important and 2) I need makeup to actually have a reasonably good image.  Having a guitar helps too, but sadly I’m not really allowed to bring anything but my sleepless self to the classrooms, since we do a lot of walking and Carolina has already rubbed a raw spot into my shoulder.  Ouch.

…Elinor would totes not do this to me.  I miss her so much.  I’m going through steel-string withdrawal.

The first day of CEED work required me to visit two Electrical Engineering classrooms, where, apparently, the odds were ever in mine and my partner Lorayne’s favor.  I guess it helped that Lorayne is this adorable petite Brazilian girl with flaming orange hair á la Paramore’s Hayley Williams, and that I was wearing a truckload of mascara to mask the fact that, makeup-free, I kind of look like a dude.  I got whistled at quite a bit, which Lorayne says means the boys think I’m attractive.

Well, that’s new.

We got a substantial amount of signatures that day, so Lorayne bumped up my shifts to three to four classes at a time.  Today was my second run, and I visited a total of six: three in the Administration Department, and three in a course that roughly translates as “Executive Secretarial Science”–a mix of languages, economics, and business courses.  I happened to be promoting in the Executive Secretarial Science department at the same time as their French classes, so I was able to break out my (admittedly rusty) schoolgirl French.  Their professeur was quite happy to hear my accent though, which I hope means I did Madame Faylona and Monsieur Yap proud.

I really need to take Alliance Français classes when I get back to Manila.

So far, my “bosses” (Lorayne, Vitor, and Barbara) are happy with my performance.  I hope I can keep them happy.  Tomorrow is my first non-UEM assignment: I and the other interns are going to speak at a high school, marketing AIESEC as a potential professional opportunity for soon-to-be university students.  I’m counting on them being so distracted by my British and German co-interns (Germans especially are a “hot item” here.) that they won’t really care what I say.

So far, that’s it.  A quick update, I know, especially considering the length of my previous blogs, but I’m in need of a shower and some serious beauty sleep (cosmetics can only do so much).

~ NC


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