Blackmail motivation

Today was my last day paired up with fellow Brazil Blogger (should we hashtag that?  We should hashtag that.) Ciarán for Project TALK…which isn’t really that big a deal as we four interns see each other all the time, but to be honest I’m going to miss all the snarking we manage to do with each other in class.  I’m pretty sure only Ciarán has the kapal mukha (Filipino idiom; look it up) not to be offended at my insulting asides.

…In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s never even felt insulted.  Ugh.

Anyway, to commemorate our last day of partnership, I decided to subject him to the bane of all first-time guitarists: down-down up up-down-up-down.  If memory serves, this, and the D-chord, were the parts I hated the most of my first few guitar lessons.

Look at him suffering.

I’m beginning to realize how tough Nic must have had it with teaching me.  While learning guitar is easy, teaching guitar can be difficult as a lot of it is really dependent on things just…*clicking.*  It’s less of a science and more of an art, and the most I can do is throw things at my student and hope that eventually they’ll bring about the Eureka moment I remember when all things just, well, clicked.
Earlier today, with Matthias trying to help Ciarán find a comfortable playing posture.
I’m hoping swearwords are a good sign, though, if the memory of my first few lessons is anything to go on.  (Oh, the words that were said then.  I’m pretty sure I even made a few up.)
Ciarán happier, now that he’s got shades on.  Apparently image is everything.
Aviators: Oxygen Clothing (350php)

Me tuning Carolina.

Ciarán did manage to get his revenge, though.  Since I had to tote Carolina with me to the ILG (the place where we hold our classes), my students inevitably noticed the black case leaning in the corner of the room and concluded that at least one (in fact, both) of their teachers was a guitar player.  I was outed, my students asked me for a sample performance, and while I admittedly was not too reluctant (it’s official, I am an attention whore), I did insist that I bring my Brazilian girlfriend out only after hours, so that our precious discussion/Q&A time would not be taken up by my amateur hour performances (I really need to recalibrate my voice when I get back to the PH.  It’s not sounding completely all right to me–not bad; just off.).  Fifteen minutes later, when I’d pretty much forgotten my promise, my partner cut me off mid-sentence, gestured to the clock on my laptop, and pretty much reminded the class that I owed them a song.
…See it sucks that we’re not going to be partners anymore so I can’t do the same to him.
We ended the class on a literal high note with what I hoped was a good enough acoustic performance of Marina and The Diamonds’ “Primadonna Girl” (perfect for this shameless spotlight-chaser, really), on the request of one of the students, who is apparently a huge fan.  I’ll admit to hamming it up a bit with that song, going doe-eyed and/or smirking at some of the lyrics and basically trying to play it cute.  
How successful was I?  Apparently, there’s a video but I’m not quite sure I want to see it.
Once everyone left we snapped one last photo and, well, that ended all “sentiment.”  Honestly we’re all too excited for the interns’ first vacation day out of Maringá.  We leave tonight (well, tomorrow) on the 12:30AM bus to Foz do Iguaçu!  What an adventure!
So that’s it for my day.  And just so you’re wondering about the title: since now there are photos of him playing the guitar, Ciarán can’t quit.  Even with the finger pain.
Happy scaling, partner.  *cue evil laugh*
~ NC

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