I may be a bit jet lagged…

I’m sure the bunch of you know how unusual it is for me to be asleep by 9PM and up by 6AM, but jet-lag returned me to my gradeschool hours.  Thays didn’t actually end up “celebrating” my arrival because she took pity on my increasingly heavy eyes and instead sent me to bed after feeding me some reheated Chinese food–some form of pork meatballs with pineapple, which isn’t any kind of Chinese food I’ve ever tasted but then again, back home, I usually avoid Chinese food like the plague.

Here though, anything that remotely reminds me of home is welcome.

So yes, I did end up sleeping at 9PM and waking up at six, but true to lazy tweenagerhood, or the Dragon U student recovering from Hell Week, I went back to sleep and woke up…around now.  I’m actually parked on Thays’ couch while both she and her roommate, Isabella, are at school attending to their student duties.  I’m amazed they have so much time to ferry me from place to place, considering they’re still in the middle of the academic year, but I guess Brazilian university schedules are a lot different from the intensive, deep-fryer hours of Dragon U.

UEM’s campus looks a lot like a hybrid of UP and Ateneo, only hybridized for the erratic South American climate.  There’s a lot of graffiti, I’ve noticed, but not like back at home where you have obscene messages and weirdly-shaped gangster tags.  Here it looks like actual graffiti street-art, both incredibly grotesque and incredibly beautiful.

I met some of my potential “students” yesterday, and while I’m not supposed to be admiring the general splendor quite so much–Ms. Jodie, I know you’re reading this–a few of them were pretty cute.  One of them in particular was that blend of shy and charming that you know sort of sends me flaming Denethor-ing off the edge of Minas Tirith (I do not get why that was added to the movie at all.).

Everyone’s dressed up, despite the erratic weather–more than the Philippines; it’s sunny one second and rainy the next, and overall the weather is like PH December weather–and the girls look like they were (subtle) makeup daily, so my Benefit kit is going to go to good use here.  Strange, though, that in a land of fashionistas, my style’s getting lazier than ever.  I may get some maxi-dresses if I can find a cheap place to score them, because that’s what a lot of the girls whose style I like wear.  And maybe a good pair of cork-heeled wedges.  I’m beginning to see that heels aren’t so much a style choice as they are a practical choice, given the wet weather.

Currently I’m compulsively checking my FB, seeing as certain individuals appear to have completely radio-silent, probably due to the upcoming Holy Week holiday.

As of right now, I’ve gotten away with spending exactly zero of my reals so far, though today I’ll have to drop a few to get a local SIM card for the crap MyPhone I brought for it.  Yatzukim’s riding along as a camera until I settle into my final host family, at which time Ed will get his turn and you will be getting more decent photo updates.

Anyway, I’m off to fix my face and get ready to be shipped off to my host family.  More updates as they come.

~ NC


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