The Delta Airlines Playlist

So on my twelve-hour long haul from Narita to JFK, I discovered that Delta Airlines’ economy entertainment set-up features a playlist maker of EPIC proportions.

…Okay, not epic, but certainly respectable.  I spent a good thirty minutes putting together a thirty-four song playlist for the first leg of my non-Asian journey.  Here we go!

  • Jason Mraz – 93 Million Miles
    • Introduced to me by the peeps of VCF’s worship team.  The MV was shot in Brazil, and I like the lyric that “you can always come back home…” #homesick
  • Jason Mraz – Who’s Thinking About You Now
    • I blame the VCF worship team for immersing me in “LOVE IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD.”
  • Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up
    • Heard everywhere and all the time, I’ve practically got this song memorized.  It’s sort of a theme song to a lot of my life, like learning to play guitar (when I changed the lyrics) to my friendship with a good friend who, well, despite the difficulties of our respective personalities, hasn’t “given up on us.”  Okay, I’ll stop being a sap now. 😛
  • Jason Mraz – The Woman I Love
    • The boys of “Sojourn” got me hooked on this one.  I wish I could dance on a plane. 😛
  • Bruno Mars – Marry You
    • Totally Glee’s fault.  I feel this version needs more Quinn Fabray.  (I could do without Finchel, really.)
  • Bruno Mars – Grenade
    • #laslaspulso masochistic anthem!
  • F.U.N. – Some Nights
    • UA&P Hellweek theme song!  “Some nights I stay up, cashing in my bad luck…” is perfect for all nighters.  I guess, since I’ve had to abandon my PPD groupmates, this song helps me commiserate with the pain of “one last push.”
  • F.U.N. – We Are Young (ft. Janelle Monae)
    • Because Mowie keeps singing it, this song reminds me of the Guitar Bros back home.  (I can almost hear Nic screaming “DO THE D!”)
  • Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out
    • Every crush.  Ever.  Actually, every regret ever.  This is a personal anthem, and it’s also insanely fun to lip-synch when you’re sure your seatmates are asleep.
  • Florence + The Machine – Bedroom Hymns
    • Ever since I stumbled on the 8Tracks playlist of this name, this has become one of my favorite Florence songs.
  • Coldplay – Princess of China
    • Because I am one, whattup!  (Kidding.)
  • Coldplay – Paradise
    • I needed getaway songs that weren’t Boston by Augustana-level emo, and this was one of the ones that came to mind.
  • Mumford and Sons – Lover of The Light
    • Because I love Mumford & Sons and because this made me think of Chair, due to that awesome CB retrospective video by user bumcrackmosh (weird username, I know, but look up the video!)
  • Taylor Swift – Starlight
  • Taylor Swift – State of Grace
  • Taylor Swift – Holy Ground
    • …Those three songs were because Taylor Swift is a required playlist option for girls my age.  So there. 😛
  • Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed (ft. Ed Sheeran)
    • The only downside to Delta’s music selection was that it didn’t have enough Sheeran, so I made do.  This dreamy love anthem is one of my favorites–feels like a love letter sung straight into my brain.
  • The Lumineers – Ho Hey
    • An Elinor anthem, this song reminds me of cafeteria jams and the red guitar I sadly leave behind.
  • Ed Sheeran – The A-Team
    • Again, Delta does not have enough Sheeran.
  • Philip Phillips – Home
    • Because they didn’t have the Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes track of the same name that I like.
  • Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet
    • Because I haven’t, in spite of what my hormones occasionally have me believe.
  • Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
    • This is totally a modern-day Les Amis track.  Listen to the Lindsey Stirling/Pentatonics version for ULTIMATE badassery.
  • Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
    • Again, Glee’s fault.  Makes me imagine Darren Criss dancing, every time.
  • Coldplay – Fix You (Live)
    • Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones…
  • Coldplay – Yellow (Live)
    • FIOLEE.  Also, honestly, I’m a sucker for Coldplay love songs.
  • Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Live)
    • The last song I learned on Elinor, before leaving.  The chords are pretty simple: C-D-G-Em.  Put the capo on the first (I think) to get the Coldplay pitch.
  • Of Monsters and Men – The King and The Lionheart
    • The closest thing to a worship song I have on this playlist.  I’m going to try my damnest to be His lionheart.
  • Of Monsters and Men – Yellow Light
    • My first OMaM song!
  • Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
    • Another Elinor anthem, and a favorite of my sister.
  • Foster The People – Helena Beat
  • Foster The People – Pumped-up Kicks
  • Foster The People – Houdini
    • Because I was headed to NYC, and Foster songs always make me think of Gossip Girl.  Of course, I have a feeling Queen B would favor LaGuardia over JFK.
  • The Secret Sisters – Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
    • The song for everything in Manila that I actually wanted to leave behind, this also has a lot of memories for me, particularly of my mom’s habit of screwing up lyrics.  (“I cannot see my head…”)
  • Taylor Swift – Safe and Sound (ft. The Civil Wars)
    • A mellow ender to a rather eclectic playlist.
I also sampled more Of Monsters and Men songs like From Finner (Kyle, if you’re reading this, it was awesome) and Love Love Love.  Honestly though, the song that got the most play on this list was 93 Million Miles. :))
That’s it for now!
~ NC

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