Meet Elinor

Ever since I was twelve years old and a rabid stalker Kitchie Nadal fangirl, I’ve always dreamed of learning to play guitar.  There was a brief moment of infatuation with the violin (if you can call four years brief), but in the end, I always knew that I was meant for six strings, not just four.  I begged my mom for years and years and years, but after quitting violin the moment I graduated high school, my case has never been strong.
Until today.

Meet Elinor.

Elinor is an acoustic, steel-string Takamine EG440C-STRQ, with a built-in amplifier port and tuner.  She’s a full-body spruce, with a beautiful, cherry-red finish, and comes highly recommended by my ultimate authority on guitars, vocalist and guitarist of Accord Band, Dean Carayag.

Hail to your Vampire Queen!

I’d walked into JB Music (Festival Mall branch) planning to purchase an Ovation guitar, but after Dean filled my ear with the merits of the Takamine, my interest was more than piqued.  The moment the salesperson walked out with this model in his arms, my world stopped.  Elinor is literally the guitar of my dreams–the one I’d envisioned having (as obvious from my Polyvore set, “Rebel Rebel“–never mind that the guitar in that one is a Gibson).  From her rich color to her glossy finish to her warm, full-bodied sound…she was absolutely perfect.

Also she’s freaking red, which is totally Marceline Abadeer all over the place.

Dean also told me that it’s always best to name your guitar after someone special, so she’s named Elinor for the mother of Merida, the lead character in Disney’s Brave.  
wait, what?!
Actually, it’s a tribute to my mum, who I nicknamed “Bear” after we’d watched the movie.  Mum is a lot like Queen Elinor–she’s strong and compassionate and more than a bit stubborn–so I found it fitting that, since I couldn’t name the guitar after my mum (she outright refused), I’d name it after a character who reminds me of her.

All in all, Elinor is the best Christmas gift I’ve gotten this year.  Thank you so much, Mum. 🙂
~ NC


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