[outfit post] d.i.y. dose: black lace

I spent most of the day doing what I usually do when I’m on vacation: sleeping and surfing Youtube on my phone.  While doing the latter, I found what looked to be a relatively simple tutorial by Boat People Vintage for a DIY lace shirt.

After rewinding it a couple of times, I figured, “Why not?”  Though I’m not the most craft-y of people, the design looked idiot-proof, so I whipped out my sewing kit and a piece of black lace I had left over from an Amelia et Nicole project.  After half an hour (and the help of my Ate Mayet, who is a wizard with the needle), voila!  The top was done!
Posing with a fitting form so I look like a “serious” designer.

One of my favorite things about vacation is that I actually have time to put some thought into what to wear.  With a strict corporate dress code and a nonexistent bedtime, I’m usually too tired and uninspired to pull together looks during school days, preferring to shrug on my faithful Topshop blazer with black slacks and first top I can think of.  Though it’s time-consuming, there’s something relaxing almost about taking the time to put yourself together, trying on different combinations of clothing and accessories until everything clicks.  Since school’s rapidly approaching (January 3!) I figured I’d seize one of the few opportunities I had left to “dress up.”

By the time I’d finished putting a look together, conditions were perfect for a shameless vanity shoot.  The street was (relatively) deserted, it was that pre-twilight “golden hour,” and it was cloudy out (diffused, stormy-day sunlight gives fair skin an ethereal glow).  It was time to get my Vogue on!

Beret: Escada
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Marks and Spencer
Tank Top: French Dressing (SnR)
Cuff: Ba Tik Shoppe
Pearls: Dam Good Stuff

Photos are by my ever-reliable photographer, Ate Harriet.

The caftan cut is perfect for the holiday season as the flowing lines skim over trouble spots–which, after all that Christmas feasting, I currently have plenty of.  Paired with skinny jeans and high-high heels, and bam!  Instant weight loss.

Me “borrowing” the neighbors’ houses as “sets”. :))) 
To give my hair “Barbarella” volume–big, bouncy curls can give the illusion of a slimmer face–I blew out my hair (with cool air) and applied Vitress Heat Protect before curling it with a hot iron on the lowest setting.  The blow-out adds volume, while the serum protects the hair from burning while making the curls more defined.  

Trying to look “cinematic.”

As is obvious from my last post, I’m a huge fan of the lace-plus-pearls combination, especially with extra-long, Twenties-girl strands.  To pull the look together, I tied a bit of leftover lace to the necklace in a tiny bow.
In theory, you should hem the neckline and sleeves, but I left mine “raw edge” because I don’t have a sewing machine, but am too lazy to do it by hand. :)))

Got to love my old, reliable pair of black heels.

After posing for an hour, I decided to call it a day.  There is only so many times a girl can get almost run over before she takes hint. :))

I’m already eyeing a few more DIY projects from Boat People Vintage and Tumblr’s DIY tag.  Eventually, though, I think I’m really going to have to get a sewing machine. :))

~ NC



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