[outift post] it’s better to give…

…but receiving is awesome.
Every Christmas, my wardrobe increases exponentially, mostly thanks to Mum and my Tita Trixie.  For a person who does not have me stealing habitually from their closet, my Tita is notorious for having my style down pat, and this is another awesome example of how she just gets me.

Skater dress: Forever 21 Essentials
Heels: Marks and Spencer
Belt: Muji
This skater dress is everything I love about fashion.  It’s a flirty look with a slight vintage feel, in a classic color (loving that pop of dull yellow a the bottom), and with a quirky addition that you definitely can’t see (which is totally the point)–pockets!  Definitely a dress I want to be caught under the mistletoe in!  (Except that, you know, I don’t want to be caught under the mistletoe.)
My inner girly-girl has been unleashed.

Absolutely confused about just where to wear this first!

What I most love about this dress is that with proper styling, it can shift effortlessly from a daytime coffee date to a nighttime party look.  Best of all, the skater cut is slimming, so you really can’t tell that I had that steak dinner I mentioned in my last post!

For those who want to take home a similar sartorial staple, check out Topshop which is currently serving up skater dresses in a delicious red, or wait for the Forever 21 post-Christmas sale.

NC: At Home.  I’m totally ready for my spread in Martha Stewart Living.  :))
Next up: New Year’s!

~ NC


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