[outfit post] don we now our gray apparel

Over 456 varieties available for tasting in the Philippines!
The best thing about celebrating Christmas Day is that, unlike Christmas Eve, things are usually ‘chill’ for me.  After the whirlwind of unwrapping gifts and corralling hyperactive cousins the night before, December 25 is a welcome reprieve.  Today, I went to TWG Tea Salon and Boutique with Mum and my E-bu (Mum’s eldest sister) and Uncle Joe. 

As a devotee of the cult of Tea, I absolutely went mad choosing what to sample.  Eventually, we settled on four varieties: First Edition, Miss Tea, Private Hour, and Lavender Kiss (a tea flower variety, where the tea leaves “flower” in the pot), which we drank with scones and TWG’s signature tea jelly.  I also ended up buying two fifty-gram bags of First Edition and Poetic Star Tea, as well as a hundred-gram canister of their bestselling Silver Moon, described as “a green tea blend, strongly reminiscent of red woodland berries and grand vanilla bouquet.”
Like a little lady, all dressed up in lace. :))
It was a wonder I didn’t have to be bodily dragged out of the store, but after my stomach settled Mum and I headed back home to prepare for a more casual dinner with my Kuku (Mum’s older brother), Tita Trixie, and cousins Charlie and Maxine.  It was their last night in their old townhouse, so we decided to celebrate (in the middle of packing and shipping and all that hullaballoo) with a simple steak dinner.
Here’s me trying to be the very picture of simplicity.

Operative word: simple.

Since I was anticipating eating a whole lot (steak is my weakness), comfort had to be the top priority.  Skirts, floaty dresses, and the eternally-chic belted waist silhouette, while pretty, tend to get increasingly uncomfortable as a meal progresses.  With feasting in mind, I settled on my tummy-friendly pair of Zara skinnies, and a warm gray tank top.

Tank Top and Lace Vest: SM Surplus
Jeans: Zara
Pearls: Dam Good Stuff
Shoes: Via Venetto
Hairpin: Color Stone
Ring and Gold Cuff: Ba Tik Shoppe (Facebook)

The only thing really “fancy” about this look is my hair.  The amount of hairspray in it is astronomical. :)))

The overall look was figure-flattering neutrals, but I added a pop of holiday color with my choice of shoes.  Oxblood (oxygenated blood) was one of the 2012 colors of the year, and while 2012 won’t be around much longer, this sexy older sister to the color red definitely will be sticking around.

My ruby/oxblood flats look dark brown in some lights, and glitter red in others.  Thank you to Mama Gigi for these awesome shoes!
I pulled together the look by adding a few accessories that, while not strictly the same color as my flats, were in the same general family.

Finally, since it was still Christmas dinner, I added a bit of a 1920s, dressy touch with a lace vest and a strand of freshwater pearls from Dam Good Stuff, my favorite jewelry store.
A 1920s-esque strand of freshwater pearls from Dam Good Stuff has to be one of my favorite Christmas gifts (thanks, Mum!).  Best of all, the proceeds go to a good cause.  Check out their website for more info!

Lace and pearls give even the most laid-back look a dressy edge.
Can you tell that I just had a huge slab of ribeye steak?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

~ NC


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