[outfit post] loving you is red // missing, dolores haze

Channeling “that poor little Haze girl.”  Dolly-Lo, standing five-foot-seven in heels.
One of my favorite books, I’m not ashamed to admit, is Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita.  I picked it up in 2006, when I was scarcely out of my own nymphet-hood, after hearing it mentioned by my character illustration teacher, Nicholas Trinidad.  That first time, I barely understood the subtleties of Nabokov’s prose, and was left unnerved by the disturbing plot.  But I grew up, and Lolita grew on me, and now I reread it at least once a year as a refresher course in poetry and nuance.
I’m not sure if discovering Lolita during my formative pubescent years is the reason behind why I’m drawn to slightly whimsical, vintage-y, “grown-up little girl looks,” counting Constance-era Blair Waldorf and Glee’s Rachel Berry both as occasional style pegs.  I guess there’s a transgressive sort of appeal in appearing sweet and naïve when you’re most decidedly not.
White picket fence for a “wholesome” image? :))
Usually, I use knee socks or stockings when I put together a “little girl” look, but since I had these bright red socks left over from shopping for my “Wicked Red Riding Hood” Halloween costume, I decided to try the ankle socks with heels trend, as demonstrated (to perfection) by Asian style diva Mayo.
Lace blouse from a handicrafts booth at Ateneo selling recycled fabric items.  Hand-me-down belt from my aunt.  Skirt from last year’s Christmas Bloggers United event.  Bow from Carolina’s.  Socks from Landmark.  High-heeled Mary Janes from Marks and Spencer.
Is it just me, or does this shot have an Emily the Strange vibe?  Maybe it’s the color scheme. :))
 Photography by my Ate Harriet.

A dash of Snow White, a bit of Little Red, and definitely more than a few nods to the doomed Dolores Haze.  What do you think?


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