[outfit post] a french connection, feat. Pazzy Navarro

Bonjour, cherie!  It’s been a while since I’ve been my French self.  I’ve missed her.  She didn’t get to come out very much during the semester–all-nighters aren’t conducive to sartorial creativity.  Since I’m on break, though, my signature beret is back in full force!
Decided to use flats because heels may have made the look too–ehem–flirty for church (which is where I went).  Also, my feet are tired from the rock and roll party I went to last night.  (Photos when I can steal them from the birthday boy!)
I think the skirt/tights combo pretty much makes the outfit.  Again, thank you so much to Ms. Pazzy Navarro for the awesome silky mini.  Today was its first test drive outside the confines of my costume closet (a.k.a. my room)!

Top: Blue Republic (export overruns; BF Homes)
Shoes: Dr. Kong (Ocean Terminal, Hong Kong)
Tights: Leg Love by Kate Torralba (SM)
Beret: Escada
All in all, pretty fun outfit for a chill Sunday out.  Probably the only real effort exerted was on my much-abused hair (foam rollers + curling iron for a lock that didn’t stay in place while I was sleeping).
Hoping I can work in more of these shoots into my super-short sem break: processing my vanity shots is a remarkably good way to destress.
À bientôt!

~ NC
Photography by my Ate Harriet.  Post-processing using PicMonkey.


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