[Outfit Post] handsome pretty | pretty handsome

According to the Apple Dictionary:

androgynous |anˈdräjənəs|.
adjective.  partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex. 

DERIVATIVES: androgyny |-nē|.  nounORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin androgynus (see androgyne) + -ous.

Top: Giordano Hong Kong
Pants: Zara Basic
Jacket: Muji
Shoes: Marks and Spencers
Bag: ENSOGO Satchel
Hat: Vintage store; Seoul, Korea
Belt: Mother’s closet
The alternate name for this look (and this post) is comme une garçonne, which is a stylized version of the phrase “like a boy/male,” with the French word for “male,” garçon, being given the feminine suffix -ne.  According to my historical research–i.e. Wikipedia“flappers,” those icons of the Roaring Twenties, were called les garçonnes because of their “boyish” ways–flat chests, bobbed hair, refusal to wear corsets, and wild antics.  (With the eye makeup they wore back then, though, I don’t see how they can be considered “boys.”  Unless, of course, you mean emo boys.)
This photo sort of freaks me out.  I really can’t tell if I’m a girl or a boy here.
Photo credits to Mark Martinez.  These were taken for our Organization and Leadership project–a magazine proposal for a magazine for an ethical focus.  I’m technically the “Fashion and Personal Care Editor” as well as the “Managing Editor” for the initial masthead, and these shots are for my profile in the “dummy magazine” section of the proposal.
That’s all for this outfit post!  Got to get back to reviewing for finals (ugh).
~ NC


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